Sony PJ040.1A DC Jack

Manu. Part Code:PJ040.1A
EAN / UPC:5053118692785
Order Code:PATAR-PJ0401A

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Warranty: 60 Day RTB warranty
"Sony PCG-K Series: PCG-K12, PCG-K12P, PCG-K13, PCG-K13F, PCG-K14, PCG-K15, PCG-K15F (PCG-9P6L), PCG-K17, PCG-9P6L, PCG-K23, PCG-K25, PCG-K27, VGN-K31, VGN-K31B, PCG-K33, PCG-K33P, PCG-K33F, PCG-K33Q, PCG-K34FP, PCG-K35, PCG-K35F, PCG-K37 (PCG-9S1L), PCG-K45, PCG-K43F, PCG-K43Q, PCG-K44FP, PCG-K45F, PCG-K47, PCG-K64, PCG-K66P, VGN-K71B, PCG-K86P, PCG-K86SP, PCG-K315B, PCG-K315M, PCG-K315S, PCG-K315Z, PCG-K415B, PCG-K415S
Sony VGN-A Series: VGN-A21, VGN-A51PS1, VGN-A51PS2, VGN-A51S1, VGN-A51S2, VGN-A61B, VGN-A71PS, VGN-A71S, VGN-A100, VGN-A130 (PCG-8Q8L), VGN-A130B, VGN-A130P (PCG-8Q9L), VGN-A140, VGN-A140P, VGN-A150, VGN-A160, VGN-A170 (PCG-8Q1L), VGN-A170B, VGN-A170P (PCG-8Q4L), VGN-A190 (PCG-8Q5L), VGN-A215M, VGN-A215Z, VGN-A217M, VGN-A230, VGN-A230B, VGN-A230P (PCG-8R9L), VGN-A240, VGN-A240B, VGN-A240P, VGN-A250, VGN-A260 (PCG-8R7L), VGN-A270, VGN-A270B, VGN-A270P (PCG-8R1L), VGN-A290, VGN-A290F (PCG-8R4L), VGN-A295HP, VGN-A297XP, VGN-A600, VGN-A600B, VGN-A600P (PCG-8S3L), VGN-A690 (PCG-8S4L), VGN-A790 (PCG-8T2L)
Sony VGN-AR Series: VGN-AR170 (PCG-8V1L)
Sony PCG-GRT Series: PCG-GRT100 (PCG-8M2R), PCG-GRT100K, PCG-GRT100P (PCG-8M1R), PCG-GRT150 (PCG-8M3L), PCG-GRT160 (PCG-8M4L), PCG-GRT170 (PCG-8M2L), PCG-GRT230 (PCG-8N2L), PCG-GRT240, PCG-GRT250, PCG-GRT250K, PCG-GRT260, PCG-GRT270, PCG-GRT270G, PCG-GRT270K, PCG-GRT270P (PCG-8N1L), PCG-GRT280ZG (PCG-8N3L), PCG-GRT350, PCG-GRT390
Sony VGN-BX Series: VGN-BX540B"
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