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Editors Choice Award - GRCLU-CSV-3203 - 06/05/2015
?If your setup is short of connections for all your monitors and you don?t want to invest in an extra graphics card just for that, then the Club 3D MST Hub is the perfect choice for you. It?s plug and play and it just works right away and all the time.?
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PC Gameware Gold - MBBIO-Z97X-GAM - 28/04/2015
For its unique aesthetics and features I would personally be very tempted to buy one for my next build.
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Best Value Award - MBBIO-H81MHV3
Gaming Matters - 31/03/2015 10:21:12
The BIOSTAR H81MHV3 is a perfect example of a motherboard that brings all the essentials at a budget price point without compromising build quality.
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Worth Buying Award - GRCLU-CSV-2302 - 09/03/2015
KitGuru says: A brilliant device that delivers DisplayPort with the minimum of fuss and definitely Worth Buying.
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Bang For Buck Award - NPNTS-WF2415 - 23/02/2015
If you are on the lookout for a basic router that performs great, then you might as well pick up a Netis WF2415.
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Hexus Approved - GRKFA-GTX960EXOC - 27/01/2015
The 180 EXOC has terrific overclocking potential and could quite easily pass the 1,500MHz mark.
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Hexus Approved - MBASR-X99MKILLER - 19/01/2015
Enthusiasts will enjoy the logical layout, debug LED and power buttons whilst also appreciating the dual Gigabit LAN and, like Asus, an M.2 slot connected to the CPU via a x4 PCIe 3.0 interface.
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eTeknix Innovation Award - SDTEA-M131-16GB - 16/01/2015
Next time you head out to buy a new USB flash drive, you should look out for the Team Group M131 Dual Flash drive. Not only do you get an OTG and normal flash drive in one, but you get an incredible added functionality bonus due to the smart dual design with adapter.
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Extreme Performance Award - NPTEN-P1000-KIT - 14/01/2015 09:15:37
The Tenda P1000 Gigabit Powerline Adapter kit could be a real alternative to both long cables and wireless setups, but it highly depends on your network usage whether it suites or not. But there is no doubt that the Tenda P1000 does a great job in its area of operation
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Bit Tech Approved - MBASR-PRO-3 - 19/11/2014
Overclocking was problem-free too and combined with a good layout and super-low price tag, this is a great way to get onto the Z97 bandwagon.
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Bit-Tech Approved - GRGLX-GTX980SOC - 17/11/2014
So the Galax GTX 980 SOC comes recommended if your top priority is maximum single GPU performance.
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Bit-Tech Award Winner - MBASR-X99MKILLER - 09/10/2014 13:39:04
We're actually quite taken with the ASRock Fatal1ty X99M Killer. It looks fantastic and despite its small size, it's more than up for some lofty overclocking.
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Value Award Winner - MBBIO-A68N-5000 - 07/10/2014
In summary. A well priced product which offers decent media and productivity use with the ability to perform some basic gaming. All with low power use and in a form factor which is simple to build a system around.
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Winner - Bang For Buck Award - MBASR-Z97XKILLER
Eteknix - 02/06/2014
If you?re looking for a well-priced Z97 gaming motherboard that performs well, looks good and has all the hardware spec of a more expensive motherboard then the ASRock Fatal1ty Z97X Killer is definitely worth considering. ASRock have pleasantly surprised me with the quality on offer here today
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4/5 Stars - NPTEN-W1800R
Expert Reviews - 24/01/2014 15:07:25
The cheapest 802.11ac router we've yet seen was also one of the most consistent performers in our challenging test environment.
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4.5 stars out of 5 - MBASR-FM2A88XEX4 - 30/10/2013 08:43:18
Should you be looking for a solid mATX motherboard, which features an attractive price point, then the Z87M Extreme4 is a good choice.
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Gold Award - MBBIO-HIFIZ87X3D
ocworkbench - 05/09/2013
In Conclusion, I think BIOSTAR Hi-Fi Z87X 3D is a product that is a board where you get what you pay for. There is no reason to pay a high price for a motherboard with features you do not require. BIOSTAR Hi-Fi Z87X 3D has done that and done it well. I give it our Gold Award.
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Tenda's W150M portable router is outstanding - NPTEN-W150M
eTeknix - 06/08/2013
Tenda's W150M portable router is simply put one outstanding little product ? I've had some routers pack a good wireless signal, but for this little unit to reach down to ground level outside from floor floors up is remarkable, making it totally worth the cost.
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Madshrimps Value Recommended - MBBIO-HIFIZ87X3D - 10/07/2013
we think that it is a good price for what it?s offered. This is not news, since BIOSTAR has also made similar boards for the previous generations with good performances but without a lot of bells and whistles in order to minimize the final costs.
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