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Hexus Approved - MBASR-X99MKILLER - 19/01/2015
ASRock addresses the Intel X99 micro-ATX market with two solid boards. The better of the two is the Fatal1ty X99M Killer, priced at 185, and offers a sensible mix of features and solid performance.

Enthusiasts will enjoy the logical layout, debug LED and power buttons whilst also appreciating the dual Gigabit LAN and, like Asus, an M.2 slot connected to the CPU via a x4 PCIe 3.0 interface. The BIOS is a copy of the board, that is, sensible and logical, so there's a lot of good here.

If we're being critical, the third PCIe graphics slot is run at just x4 and should be located in the middle, rather than the bottom, enabling two cards to have adequate airflow between them. But that's a minor complaint for an otherwise good motherboard that should certainly be on your radar if Intel's X99 platform and small-form-factor PCs appeal to you.
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