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You?ll be pleasantly surprised by the performance and quality on offer here - KEEBL-EKM739BKUS
eTeknix - 04/10/2016 14:10:17
Picking the right peripherals can be a tricky endeavour, on one hand you want that RGB Mechanical behemoth you?ve always dreamed of, and on the other you have a wallet that isn?t exactly stuffed will bills. Being on a tighter budget can be tricky, but that doesn?t mean you have to miss out on your favourite gaming action and with E-Blue pushing three new peripherals to the UK this year, being a budget conscious gamer just got a whole lot easier.

In the eTeknix office today we?ve got the new E-Blue Cobra gaming mouse, Shocking Headset and Combatant-EX keyboard. I must point out that these three items aren?t sold as a set, but given they summarise the basics you?re going to need to get playing your favourite PC games, it seemed like a great idea to put them all together for one big review. We?ve already reviewed the great value K820 Gaming Combo and the Type-R Wireless Mouse from E-Blue, so we?re eager to see just how much you can get for your money here today.

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In the box, there?s not really anything in the way of extras, just a few instruction books in each box. However, we do get three great looking peripherals and they already look more promising than we were expecting, which is no bad thing. The keyboard and mouse come hard-wired with a good length USB cable and the headset comes hard-wired with a pair of 3.5mm jacks.

The keyboard is a membrane switch, obviously at this price range, and uses a hybrid plunger type mechanism to give it a nice typing action. The keys have a nice pop and quick return to them that makes them nice and fast to type on, and that?s going to be great for gaming. Obviously, the other big advance for membrane is that the keys are pretty quiet too, and the setup here feels really easy-going on your fingers to type on for long periods.

The keyboard goes a little further to appeal to gamers too, highlighting the WASD and arrow keys with electric blue key caps, as well as some blue LED lighting, which we?ll see in a moment.

There?s a pretty unique chassis design on this keyboard too, which admittedly won?t be to everyone?s taste, but it looks pretty cool overall. The key caps are nice too, they?re fairly lightweight, but a light texture gives them a comfortable grip and a nice matte finish appearance.

On the base, two large kickstands at the back and a smaller one at the front for giving it extra angle/height.

The mouse takes on a shape that?s fairly similar to that of the Razer Diamondback, a popular choice for those who use a fingertip or claw play style. It?s a little slim for palm rest, although those of you with smaller hands than my bear paws or even just younger gamers will find it suitable for palm rest grips. There?s a pair of switches on the top, a DPI toggle button, a good quality scroll wheel with rubber grip coating and two more switches on the side; all pretty standard stuff, but it?s everything you really need and it?s all where it should be.

There?s a mixture of textures on this mouse, with some slightly grippy side panels for added control and a smooth glossy top coat that gives it a bit more a stylish appearance. You?ll also notice the blue plastic strip that runs around both sides, as well as the rear of the mouse, where you?ll find some built-in LED lighting for a little bit of added flair.

On the base, you?ll find the optical sensor, as well as four good size slipmats. The lightweight design of the mouse means it glides rather well on any surface.

The buttons on the mouse have a nice snappy response to them that?s good for work and gaming, and best of all, the sensor works rather well for a mouse in this price range. There?s very little jitter, even at the maximum DPI settings and that?s going to bring real world results in terms accuracy.

The headset is quite interesting, I mean, it?s obviously a budget headset in some respects, but at the same time it has a lightweight and surprisingly durable design that certainly has its advantages. The rear of the drivers use a semi-open design and there?s a flexible dual-rail metal headband. It uses an auto-adjusting inner headband for a quick, easy and very comfortable fit.

There?s a hard-wired microphone, which comes with a very flexible boom that is easily bent to the optical position. It?s not the most amazing microphone ever, but we tested it on Skype and mumble and it held up well enough for team chat or business calls. The Pivot mount at the base also means that when not in use, you can fold it up and out of the way.

The headband is nicely padded and provides a comfortable fit. The lightweight design helps a lot too, as it?s not going to wear you down after extended gaming sessions.

The padding on the ear cups is a little tough, but it will wear in after a few days usage. The ear cups aren?t huge, and are an on-ear design, which doesn?t work great for blocking ambient noise, but again, this isn?t always a bad thing if you actually want to hear your surroundings while gaming. The drivers are fairly loud and while they aren?t particularly bass heavy, they work well for online gaming and voice chat, but those wanting a headset for music and movie would do better with a set of headphones for a similar price.

All three of the peripherals setup on our desktop and I must admit, they look pretty great for such an affordable setup.

The LED lighting on the keyboard is a nice touch, adding some lighting to the edges as well as the top of the chassis. It?s a far cry from key cap lighting, but it?s still a welcome addition. The same goes for the mouse, which has a cool lighting effect that wraps around the edges. These also a multi-colour LED on the top to show you which DPI profile you currently have selected.

Final Thoughts

Pricing for the E-Blue range is very competitive at the moment, as you?ll find each of these products on their own, paired up in bundles or included in bundles with other E-Blue products. For example, you can find the keyboard, different headset and mouse for just 24.99 at, I?m not kidding, it?s really that affordable! The Mouse is available from PC Nation for a very wallet friendly 11.28, and I doubt you?ll find a better more for equal or less, just incredible value for money. We couldn?t find stock of the headset at our preferred retailers at the time of writing, but we have seen prices ranging from 15-25 from eBay stores and other third-parties.

It?s easy to see why E-Blue is quickly gaining popularity in the UK. The brand has been going for years in China and has invested heavily in eSports, 600 online gaming arenas/internet cafes in China and are continuing to branch out beyond that. While the products we looked at today do represent some of the most affordable products that E-Blue produce, and that we?ve ever tested, they are certainly still great products overall.

While they?re not going to have many of our readers throwing out their mechanical keyboards and pro-gaming mice anytime soon, there?s a market for those who are on a tight budget, need a spare gaming setup, peripherals for their kids PC, or just a temporary replacement. It doesn?t matter what the use is, when it comes to keeping hold of as much of the cash in your wallet, you?re going to look for something affordable for your gaming needs, but you?ll be pleasantly surprised by the performance and quality on offer here, especially from the mouse and keyboard. The headset is pretty good for the money, but no more or less so than virtually anything else in this price range.

E-Blue continues to impress and we?re looking forward to seeing what they can come up with next. For now, they?re making themselves the king of budget-friendly PC gaming.

Fiercely competitive pricing
Good build quality
Nice aesthetics
Competitive performance
Good availability (keyboard and mouse)
Various money saving bundles available

Poor availability (headset only)
?You may not have heard much about E-Blue, but with competitive performance and affordable prices like this, we?re certainly you?ll be hearing more from this brand again soon. One of the best budget friendly setups we?ve tested.?

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