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GDPR – What Is All the Fuss About? (Blog)

Posted on: 07:47, Feb 16th, '18
Let's get something straight – you've nothing, repeat nothing, to worry about over the GDPR (General Data Protection regulation). Because you already value your customers' data. You already realise your obligations to protect it. You already only use it solely for the purposes it was collected. You don't do anything with it for which you don't have permission. That's you isn't it? No!? In that case, you may have a problem…

Blog Change (Blog)

Posted on: 14:07, Jan 25th, '18
Did you know this will be ShopTalk's 309th blog? Since it started back in 2011 it's been a-blog-a-week. With an average length of some 1,000 words, that's an awful lot of words (though hopefully the advice has been better!). The point is this. We've covered a huge amount of ground. And there comes a time when you start running out of things you want to say because they're already been said. So rather than be slaves to a-blog-a-week we're going to change. This blog sets out how. And what's coming next...
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The Key to Better Retailing: Gaming PCs (Blog)

Posted on: 07:54, Jan 11th, '18
The defining skill in IT Retail has nothing to do with selling, fixing or building computers. Nothing whatsoever. The biggest issue facing you is foot-fall. So those who do best are those who can draw people like bees to honey. Now, every retail expert will tell you this takes eye-catching windows, interesting products and a great experience. Problem is every IT retailer already knows this. And pretty much everyone struggles with it. But could getting into gaming PCs help? Read on and find out…

Why People Buy Desktop PCs (Blog)

Posted on: 09:20, Dec 18th, '17
You'll have heard lots about gaming. That's for one reason: it's huge! In 2016 UK digital game sales were worth more than the combined digital sales of video and music. In 2017 that amounted to £3.2Bn! But what's this got to do with you? Well, what does it mean for desktop PCs? Think about it. Why would anyone buy one? To surf the internet? Probably not, most people do that from their phone. For work? Probably not, a laptop's far more convenient. That leaves guess what: gaming
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The Real PC Gaming Market (Blog)

Posted on: 14:37, Dec 8th, '17
The market for PC gaming machines. Isn't it dominated by hard-core gamers building their own PCs? Isn't it full of super gamers who know as much – maybe even more than – you do about building PCs? Isn't it a market you can only serve by selling components? Components those gamers can get online cheaper than you can buy. Well sure, super gamers exist. But they don't take up anywhere near as much of the market as you think

Smart Home Step 8: Router Vulnerability (Blog)

Posted on: 08:00, Nov 24th, '17
Two months ago I started out on a journey. One to help you get the measure of Smart Home and decide whether to make it your business. Ten posts later I've been through everything from setting up a Smart Plug to getting Alexa to print your spares list. The world of Smart – the internet of things – presents amazing possibilities. It's a great business opportunity. But it's not over yet. There are other ways to make money from it…
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