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Why Every Retailer Should Take Part in The RPC (Retail Price Comparison)

Posted On - 05/11/2013 15:48:41

More Than Just a List of Numbers
The RPC is special. We wouldn't say anything different would we? No you're right we wouldn't. But we also wouldn't want to sound artificial either. That all we care about is flogging it to you. So why are we running the risk that we come over like this? What rouses us to be so blatent? What makes us want you to be crystal clear about what it really does rather than leave you to think whatever you like?

The RPC collects pricing data. Nothing special there. But what is, is the scale it does it at. We ask around 100 retailers for selling prices across 65 products and services That's 6,500 pieces of data. And given it'd take you an hour or so to visit each retailer yourself - even if you did have 100 odd in your locality - it's a job most of you couldn't and wouldn't do. So one reason it's special is simply that it does something you couldn't do yourself. But is that it: it just collects a huge amount of information? Well it's a start, but it's not the reason we'd give.

Having thousands of prices is all very well but it actually does very little to help you. Which prices do you choose as yours? The most expensive? The cheapest? The average? Whatever your rationale that's the issue: it's your rationale. You have nothing to tell you whether any prices are better than others. You have nothing to inform your decision as to which to choose. But this is where the RPC really comes into its own. Because what really makes it so very special is how it helps you set prices. In fact, how it points you towards and suggests prices that'll maximise your profits. Intrigued? See the video for more.

But the RPC does more - it tells you about things you don't know. It tells you about products you don't stock that give other retailers great sales. It also tells you what you could sell them for. There's more on this in the video as well.

If you'd like to find out more about the Retail Price Comparison or register your interest in taking part in the next, just contact us. We're happy to talk and if that's all that happens, that's fine. Contact | 07854 195 718.

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