Shoptalk is a not for profit service offering free, impartial business support and advice for independent IT retailers and resellers and small businesses generally.

We do this primarily through weekly business advice Ďblogsí, workshops, one-to-one mentoring and research. Our services are flexible and develop along with your needs. The simple rule is, if you need help of any kind Ė from a full business review to simply someone to bounce ideas off informally - ask us. Thereís no charge and absolutely no obligation.

The service is funded and operated by distributor Target Components Limited. Target primarily supplies small businesses, typically independent retailers and IT resellers. Targetís core ethos is that helping its customers to be more successful helps Target succeed in the long term. Shoptalk helps support this principle, but in all other respects is operated independent of Targetís business aims. This means that our sole responsibility is to help you be more successful, not to promote Targetís goods and services.

Our guiding principles

Our services are free and impartial Ė we donít offer services as a Ďfree tasterí for paid consultancy or other services, because we donít charge for any work we do. We operate independently of the commercial functions of Target, so we donít use Shoptalk to promote Targetís products or services. Put simply, there are no hidden agendas. We are here solely to help your business be more successful.

All our content is unique, original and beneficial Ė we create all our content from scratch, guided by the things you tell us are important to you and based on our experiences dealing with thousands of small businesses over the years. We donít regurgitate content from elsewhere, itís our views and our methods. Itís not just theory, itís tried and tested practical advice proven to help small businesses succeed.

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