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Peak Performance

Posted On - 18/03/2016 09:16:47

Peak peformance - the breakthrough in time management - comes from realising the focus on priorities, urgency and importance is only half the story at best. A huge part of your productivity hinges on how ‘fit' you are for the task at handRemember our series "The Art of Time"? How we said we'd found out more on time management and the newest thinking on how our minds link to it. And that we'd come back and tell you about what we'd found?

Maybe you do maybe you don't - but whatever, we're keeping our promises. This is a special series on advanced time management - 7 new blogs. Like to find out what it's about?

The art of the changeover

It's a precious moment: that instant after you finish one task and before you start the next. Really? Isn't it just dead time? Wasted time doing nothing? A ‘productivity drain'? Well, if you define it like that it is. But that's the wrong way.

Simply jumping from one task to the next misses something utterly crucial about how we think. Put simply, if you do this you can't think straight. And that exposes you. Maybe your decisions will be right but the chances favour them wrong. Our next blog sets out more on this and what to do.

Mental and emotional fitness

After changeovers we pick up on something everyone else seems to ignore. Do a Google search on time management and you'll find page after page of advice. Wise words in every shape and form on how to categorise, plan, prioritise, streamline, and trade-off tasks. What you won't find is how to make best use of yourself.

Everything about being better at time management is about the job. Not about how fit you are for it. This isn't about technical competence, this is about you. Mental energy matters. Your brain gets fatigued. You won't feel tired but your brain will behave like it is. And you may be surprised to learn that's got more to do with what you've been doing rather than how long you've been working. Plus there's a compounding effect related to your mood. Mental energy matters and it can be managed. You just need to know how. This blog looks at that.

Brain training

Here's a thing. Evolution's programmed us to respond to the very things that sap our time most. Getting side tracked by alerts. Engrossed surfing the web. Checking our phones, taking calls, you name it we're programmed to be distracted.

Sound negative? Isn't the answer just about will power? Think of it like this. If you were fixing computers in the forest 10,000 years ago and glimpsed something out the corner of your eye, you might be grateful. Being susceptible to distractions is a survival instinct. It's hard-wired into all of us. So trying to wipe it out isn't just impossible, it's distressing. And it's a battle you can't win. Now get why you love grabbing your phone the moment it pings with a message! Read our fourth blog to find out how to handle this.

Day-Dreaming Boosts Productivity

Who hasn't found themselves day-dreaming? Snapped out from being miles away? Yeah? A wandering mind is common enough. But it's a real no-no. After all day-dreaming means your productivity's shot and your time management's in the dog-house. All because you couldn't keep focussed. Your fault, you must do better.

But is it so bad?

The thinking is it isn't. It's actually a good thing. Sure, it's counterintuitive to think being unproductive can make you more. What matters is the difference between day-dreaming and getting side tracked. This blog tells you more.

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