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How to Manage Time

Posted On - 13/11/2015 09:03:44

The 7 behaviours of time management all relate to each other - some address productivity while others help psychologicallySo here we are: you've invested time in learning how to manage it. What more is there to say? Previous blogs have set the scene, covering what you need to do and how to go about it. It's just a matter of picking out the bits that apply to you and away you go.

Errrr, not quite – it's not that simple. You see the 7 behaviours all relate to each other - some address productivity while others help psychologically. Pick from the menu and you won't get the full meal. To find out why, read on…

Everything's mounting up, I don't even have time to think!

Cast you mind back to "Time in 3D". We spoke about how managing time concerns three things. Remember? Improving productivity; developing your consciousness of time; and acting to take control of it?

All these things matter together because that's how you experience them – all at the same time. It's the combination that makes you feel like you're surfing time or being swamped by it.

Get better – do something new

Likely you're already using a diary. Likely your already using to-do lists. OK, perhaps you could be better but this this isn't about that. This is about tackling time management in ways you haven't before. It's about adding to your arsenal of how you manage time. Bringing in new stuff that'll make a difference.

Our money's on you already doing stuff to cram in as much as you can to the time you have. That's probably resulted in a mix of hacks to simply get more done more quickly and simply extending your work day. All rational stuff that's helped as far as it goes.

But that's the issue: these sorts of things do little to address directly how you feel about your use of time. Guess what? That's the place to add in something new. To start using time management techniques that are focussed less of productivity and more on your emotions. The question is how?

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