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The 7 Behaviours of Productive People – Part 1

Posted On - 30/10/2015 08:55:33

Be Sensible with YOUR Time

A blog on managing time that takes three episodes to tell you how? Hardly efficient is it?

Well, over the next two blogs we'll help you understand why it is. Setting out the first three of the 7 behaviours to master time this blog gives real life examples of how to get a grip of it.

What you'll find is it's not about some magic app, it's about your mind-set and discipline. So, if you're in the right frame of mind – if you're prepared to spend time learning how to save it – read on…

You can only do a Day's work

Sounds obvious? It is - but it begs a question: how long is your day? As business owners you can work whatever you like. And likely that's led to one thing – you work a lot of the time.

You don't do 9 to 5 - you're the owner! You're supposed to work ‘hard'. But - you know what's coming – that's right: ‘hard' versus ‘smart'. Come on, you know it's not smart to work long hours a day five days a week let alone 6 or 7. It just grinds you down, tires you out and means you're never at your best.

So why do some of you do it?

Before we say anything about time and behaviour you must be sensible. Have start and end times and work to them – and start thinking like an employee. Paid to do a job in the time available.

Sure there'll be times when you have to go over. But that's the issue – don't work late because that's what you do, do it only when you have to. Working late should be the exception. Something you try and avoid at all costs because you get what you need to do done in a normal working day.

It's time to own-up

Who uses a diary? Of course you do! (If you don't, it's no wonder time management is a bit of a challenge). At the risk of stating the obvious a diary is for dates and times – customers coming to see you, or you going to see them, arranged phone calls…

But there's another way of looking at one - a more traditional, less 'business' way. As a log and record of what you've done. Whatever use you put yours to, behaviour #1 demands you go a step further.

Use your diary to hone how conscious you are of passing time. Find out what you're really doing versus what you think. And find out if you've any naughty little time wasting habits. How? Watch the video.

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