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Timed Out

Posted On - 16/10/2015 06:52:01

No-one has enough time - everyone's rushed off their feet. But if you're feeling stressed, even overwhelmed - relax. Because you have the time to do anything you want. And in the No-one has enough time - everyone's rushed off their feet. Customer enquiries and quotations; ordering parts and stock; sending invoices; managing staff; answering emails – it goes on and on and on and on...

But if you're feeling stressed, even overwhelmed - relax. Because you have the time to do anything you want. That's right, you do. And in the "Art of Time" we set out how.

Join us in this, the first in the series from the Target 2015 Open Day and understand why we staged the session and what it set out to achieve.

"I just don't have time"

Of the two main reasons why we ran "The Art of Time" this is one. These words sum up the problem - they really embody the issue. Pretending you don't have time is just not true – it's a lie. You do.

OK, you've got commitments: work customers and clients are expecting; visits to see customers and possibly quote for new work. Plus you've all the stuff it takes to run your business – stock checks, marketing, price checking, and so on. Yes, it can feel like you're not in control. But you are. Everything that's happening in your business is because you made it so. Because you made it a priority.

Everything you do you choose to

This is the other main reason we staged "The Art of Time". Or to put another way did it because we see many acting like they're completely at Time's beck-and-call. Meetings missed, no-shows at workshops, we've seen it all. Good reasons or none (usually none) how you spend your time is your choice.

No-one dictates what you do. The real issues in time management aren't the ‘hacks' that'll make you magically do twice the work in the same time, they're the things that'll help you keep organised, on-top of what's going on, and productive. And these are the things "The Art of Time" is about.

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