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Better Retailing - Shop Identity

Posted On - 06/02/2015 12:25:08

Don't Let Customers Forget You're a Retailer
Retailing: the core skill of every successful shop-keeper. And clearly something to be mastered if you run a shop.

At its heart are two things: how you set your stall and how you sell your stuff. So it's all about how you promote your goods and services and how YOU go about selling them to customers.

Now merchandising and selling are each very large topics - for fans of 'Gulliver's Travels' you could call them Brobdingnagian - and too big to cover in one series or blog. So we'll discuss selling in a future blog and start the discussion on merchandising in this one.


Visual Merchandising and Retail Selling

Selling yourself and your wares doesn't mean flogging stuff like a market trader – that's unfitting for a professional. It creates entirely the wrong imageThese are the 'proper' names for what we're talking about. But whatever you call them the same applies. Stack your shelves, throw open your doors and sit back, and you'll find the going tough. But SELL yourself and your wares and things will be utterly different.

Selling yourself and your wares doesn't mean flogging stuff like a market trader – that's unfitting for a professional. It creates entirely the wrong image.

No, this is about presentation, feature displays, tagging, signage and lighting. And it's about engaging customers over their needs and giving them options and advice.

Do these things and you won't just sell easily you'll develop a reputation as a great shop.

Get Retailing

Retailing is a mindset and it's not the same as being a shop-keeperA while ago we wrote a series by this name – containing 11 blogs.

In it we covered everything from the critical importance of retailing as part of your offer to how indie retailing defines you different from the Big Chains.

But in this series we're homing right in on visual merchandising. We're going to do this in three blogs each tackling a particular angle on the topic:

  1. Shop Identity (this blog) – covers how your overall choice of stock will create an impression and define you in particular ways. Gaming specialist, general PC shop, computers for business or inks and paper specialist – these are all examples. So read on to find out more
  2. Shop Layout – covers how the overall arrangement and organisation of your shop can be used to draw and encourage browsing. It's visual merchandising but for the whole of your shop. This isn't airy-fairy stuff either - even the very smallest shop can make changes that'll make a difference (we know because customers have told us). Read this blog to find out how
  3. Shop Displays – covers techniques and tips on how to present and use your displays so everything is promoted effectively. This is the nitty-gritty detail of visual merchandising. Read this blog for the scoop
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  1. Better Retailing – Shop Displays
  2. Better Retailing – Shop Layout
  3. Better Retailing - Shop Identity
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