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Better Retailing – Shop Layout

Posted On - 11/02/2015 17:22:38

You May Want Customer's Business But Does Your Shop?
For a business based on expertise Retailing is a lot more than stacking your shelves and being nice to people.

For a start, as a specialist you must have a clear identity – else you seriously risk being seen at best a generalist, at worst an inexperienced amateur. Our blog on Shop Identity has already explained just how important this is.

But the point goes much, much further. Because as an accomplished, skilled professional your Retail skills will be taken as evidence of how good you are at IT. Being good at Retailing is important: it may well be more important than you think. Read this blog to find out more.

Pure Retail

Everyone is looking for proof you care about winning their business. And right or wrong, they're doing that using things you can't influence through words and actionsYour Retail skills will colour people's opinions about you. Be it your shop windows or website, how your business is presented to the outside world carries huge weight - before prospects even enquire.

And even when they do, that process continues.

Outside of what you say and do people are noticing stuff about you. Prospects are looking for assurances you can be trusted: customers that they're still right to do so. Everyone is looking for proof you care about winning their business. And right or wrong, they're doing that using things you can't influence through words and actions. However lexiphanic or simplistic your patter, your talk doesn't matter.

Everything from your shop windows or website, how easy you are to use, how clean and tidy things are, the range you carry to the care you've put into displaying things, is evidence.

This blog focusses on Shop Layout. So topics related to the overall arrangement of your shop - 16 tips to be exact - will be covered here. The next blog – ‘Silent Selling' – covers topics more related to the presentation of individual products and services – so a further 14 topics to look forward to.

Don't give up the day job

The front of your shop matters far more than the bit you typically work inThe front of your shop – that bit probably furthest away from youmatters far more than the bit you typically work in.

Don't agree? Well, there are a few things to consider. The main one is this: when people come in they're acclimatising. From bright to dark, noisy to quiet, whatever, they're undergoing a change. Add in they'll be slightly disoriented – working out the ‘lie-of-the-land' – and they won't be immediately tuned into things. But, the instant they do tune in they really notice what they see.

The ‘sweet-spot' is a huge selling opportunity. If your layout is completely open - there's nothing between your door and your counter - you are missing out. One sceptical customer with a very small shop tried our advice as a test. He put a small table with a printer on it in the middle of his small retail space. To cut a long story short the printers hadn't been selling too well but when he made the change they sold no problem. Because they were being presented to customers in the right way.

For more on the topics of Shop Entrance, ‘Decompression', ‘The Invariable Right' and 'Sweet-Spot', see the video.

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