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Standards for Managing People

Posted On - 29/08/2014 13:49:19

Making sure you, let alone your staff, always consistently do things ‘right' can be toughEver had problems getting the right staff? Keeping the shop tidy? Stopping staff answering the phone saying "Hiya"? Getting them to ‘check-in' work rather than just take it over the counter? Greeting people when they walk in? Prepping computers to be pristine when customers pick them up? Asking for email addresses? Upselling? Cross-selling? The list go on.

Now, you may or may not want all these things from your people but whatever, you'll have things you want done just-so that are getting done not-quite-so. Making sure you, let alone your staff, always consistently do things ‘right' can be tough.

The question is why and how would an ethical business deal with the issue?

Being a better manager is well within your grasp

Whatever you think of your people-management skills or experience, having staff that do what you want, when and how you want, is well within your grasp. Over the coming weeks, we're going to tell you exactly how. We'll cover in things like discipline, management, performance, delegation, appraisal, and so on. But if we just jumped straight to all that we'd be giving you poor advice. Because we've not yet mentioned something vital they all depend on.

Where to start?

Getting the best out of staff and being able to measure, reward, discipline or develop them hinges on standardsWe're going to describe something you may already be clear on. If you are - great - just bear with us while we explain something really important to everyone else. Getting the best out of staff and being able to measure, reward, discipline or develop them hinges on standards. Because standards give you the reference points against which you can do all these things.

And if you've gone about developing and using them in the right way your staff will have bought into them too. So one person's word against another's about what's right and wrong becomes completely objective. More, the very existence of the standard makes raising the issues reasonable. So performance discussions become easy.

So standards are key. The issue is, you can't just leap to defining them - there's a crucial step to go through first. An activity that'll make sure you only develop the few standards you really need and when you do, they help you manage people completely in line with the needs of the business. Totally ethical stuff. What's the step? You need to define your business identity.

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