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Why Use Online Marketplaces?

Posted On - 16/01/2015 10:47:45

Online Markeplaces: The Smart Place to Trade
eCommerce is risky. Failure means wasted time, effort, money and even humiliation.

But go about it the right way and success is possible.

Accept eCommerce is a business in its own right – not a side line – and its apparent ease an illusion foisted under patent self-interest.

OK, but if it's so hard what about all the small traders out there? Well, their success could be put down to anything from pure luck to unrelenting grit and determination. What's clear is many of them have one thing in common - they've become traders at online Marketplaces like ebay and Amazon. And that's what the next blog is all about.

Free traffic

Among the issues eCommerce brings there's something that could prove very expensive: traffic.

Call it what you will – visits, hits, eyeballs – the issue is simple: at its most basic eCommerce sales is a numbers game.

Ignoring how good your website may or may not be, the more people who see it, the more you'll sell.

So you need a reliable stream of visitors every single day. And the more the better. 

The answer lies overwhelmingly in adverts and SEO – banners, tagging and content. All of which need constant tweaking and tuning. And unless you've the skills (be honest, how good are you at doing these yourself – really?) these will be additional ongoing costs. But, what gets millions of visitors a month? Online Marketplaces.

Amenable traffic attracted 16 million visitors a month in 2011. gets 3 million visits daily. Yes, they really are that big.

Better still, these visitors are already out shopping so you don't have to persuade them.

In 2011 ebay accounted for 15% of UK online sales. Amazon merchants account for 39% of its revenues globally.

If all this isn't evidence of people shopping I don't know what is. Huge numbers of people buying stuff. High quality traffic coming - willingly - to your door. Potentially without you lifting a finger - if only you were a part of it

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