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Atrocious Behaviour

Posted On - 09/04/2015 17:20:46

Don't waste time reading this blog - you won't get itThere's no point reading this blog. You won't get it.

Don't waste time reading it under the pretence you're learning when you're just looking for entertainment.

Don't just cherry pick what makes sense, ignore what doesn't and pick holes in anything you think daft.

Anyone can find fault. Cynicism isn't a sign of intelligence – it just betrays a closed mind.

So, like we said, don't read this. There's no point, you'll learn nothing.

If all you have is a hammer, everything you see is a nail

Confirmation Bias: a genuine psychological terms and a major stumbling block for creativity and innovationIf you're like most people, you'll believe you're rational, logical and objective.

Your years of experience and life mean you're a pretty open minded person.

You are keen to adopt new ideas, can see both sides of arguments and a good even judge of situations and circumstances.

But you're not, you absolutely aren't.

Unless you're already consciously and deliberately acting to avoid it, everything you say and do is dictated by what's gone before. How you behave now is governed by what you already believe true about the world.

If everyone in your town is a scrounger or no-one has any money, that's all you'll see – your mind is closed to any other view.

The proper name for this is Confirmation Bias.

It's a genuine psychological term. A major block on creativity and innovation. And it's almost certainly at the root of the problems you think you face.

Stop learning: start comprehending

School may have crammed you full of facts: likely it didn't teach you how to learn School. Bad memories? Whatever, the reason for bringing it up isn't to make you sad, it's about what it taught you.

We don't mean the curriculum - Maths, Art, Science – we mean what it really taught you.

While school may have been variously successful at filling your memory with knowledge, it's highly likely it didn't teach your mind how to learn. The ability to cram facts and data may have got you exam grades, but it taught your intellect little.

So it's no wonder you cherry pick, ignore and ridicule things – you never learned how to think.

If you're in the market to build a better business then damn well sit up and take notice. Stop wasting time grazing on these blogs: fight to grasp - to understand, appreciate, twig, comprehend - every single bit.

Don't criticise what we say for being wrong, criticise yourself for not understanding why it's right. Don't blame us for saying things you don't get, condemn yourself for not finding out.

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