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Conflict of Interests?

Posted On - 05/03/2015 15:27:21

Learning new skills: something we'd strongly suggest you make a habitLearning new skills: something we're sure many of you already do and if you don't, something we'd strongly suggest you make a habit.

Maybe you borrow books and practice MySQL or HTML5, maybe you YouTube how to do particular repairs.

Whatever it is, time isn't standing still and you need to keep on top of your game. So you can do your job and provide great services for customers.

But, if we told you technical competence accounts for no more than 30% of your worth, would that surprise you? As an ethical business it should - your goal is to best serve customers. To find out how customers really measure you and what you can do about it, read on.

It's the experience stupid!

The overriding measure of YOU is how you make customers and prospects FEEL when they enquireYes, Bill Clinton did NOT say this. We put it this way to make a point: the overriding measure of YOU is how you make customers and prospects FEEL when they enquire.

Making customers feel good about dealing with you is the very heart of the matter.

70% of a queries experience is based on how they perceive you've treated them.

And if you get that wrong those people are 4 times more likely to shop elsewhere than if you'd got your pricing wrong or didn't have the product they were looking for.

Yes, your people skills matter and if they're needing attention, your business will be suffering. The question is: what are you doing to develop them?

The buck stops here

There's no denying it, the overwhelming basis for how your business will fare is down to YOUThere's no denying it, the overwhelming basis for how your business will fare is down to YOU.

If you want a better business you can't blame the economy, the fact "people ‘round here don't have money", or anything else. Why? For every customer lamenting their situation we know others doing well in the most unlikely places.

YOU hold the keys to your fortune and if you'd like things to improve, YOU need to make it happen.  Now, this IS completely within your grasp – the issue is whether you choose to believe so.

A better business won't come through magic products that sell themselves. The reality is if you're still looking to do better it's because you don't know how to now.

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