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Real Teamwork

Posted On - 09/10/2014 16:03:24

A People Charter is a declaration setting out what everyone can expect from relationships at workThe last blog introduced the People Charter. A declaration setting out what everyone can expect from relationships at work.

We think every business should have one. And you're probably wondering why on earth you should.

We appreciate that - we're asking you to think differently about stuff you've probably not thought about that much before.

But, consider this: if you want to make your life a lot easier read on. Because developing a People Charter will get your staff to genuinely care about the business. And by involving them in the process of creating it, you'll get them thinking about how they can perform in its best interests. So in short, they start thinking about it like they were you. This is real team work.

The end doesn't matter, what does is the means

In creating a People Charter what matters is involving staffThis blog includes an example of what a People Charter could look like.We included it to help explain not just it's appearance but what it contains and how it's written.

Yours could easily look entirely different. There are no rules what they contain and how they're set out – they're just a record of what's been agreed.

So write yours and set it out as you - that is the people in your business - want it. Because it's yours and you need to feel like it is.

But what really, really matters is the process you've been through to get it. How you've involved your staff in creating its content. And how you've asked them to think like you about what makes for a great place to work.

Because one of the biggest dividends in creating a People Charter lays is the way you go about developing. What matters more than the end, is the means.

Reason #1 for having a People Charter

The first reason for having a People Charter is because it sets out what's been agreed to matterEthical business is about doing the right – the fair - thing for the long term success of the business – remember how we defined it in ‘What is Ethical Business?'?

Now, doing that could mean many things but for working relationships it means tackling issues.

It means everybody - not just you - feeling and being able to explain when other's have got things wrong.

It means everybody is able to constructively help each other do better.

So everyone - you included - is willing to accept and give feedback as part of their normal working day.

Which all sounds really dicey – no-one likes confrontation and the risk of upsetting people. Besides, how do you know when something matters or not? Who says what matters and what doesn't? And if it does, how do you approach it?

With a People Charter your life becomes a whole lot easier. The first reason for having a People Charter is because it sets out what's been agreed to matter. And that means staff expect issues to be addressed. So what were difficult conversations become easy.

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