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Marginal Gains at Work in an IT Business

Posted On - 09/12/2013 15:41:09

Applying Marginal Gains to an IT Business
Last week we discussed the principle of marginal gains. Of how it hinges on breaking down goals into their smallest component parts. So that all the factors affecting their achievement can be identified. Because once they're known, they can be improved.

The aggregation of marginal gains embodies the principle that disproportionately huge improvements result from making many small ones. And in this week's blog workshop we'll take the conversation forward another step. By turning it to business - an IT business - and showing you the kinds of improvements easily within your reach.

To do that we'll discuss one of the biggest issues you face: getting more new people to enquire.

Now whether you're a shop or a website, whether your sell to consumers or to businesses, the challenge is the same. You have to get noticed. You have to turn that attention into interest. And in turn you have to ripen that interest to a nice plump enquiry. Essentially you all face the same problem: how to get more of the dozens, potentially 000's, of daily passers-by to stop and make an 'ask'.

Marginal gains could dramatically improve your enquiriesIn the video we show how you could use marginal gains to tackle this issue. Using a retail example we show you how to think about what it is that draws people to you and how to break it down into it's parts. The approach could easily be mirrored for a business website.

Then we show you how by applying a marginal - just 3% - improvement to each part, huge overall improvements result as the individual ones compound up. We show you that by making those simple small changes you too could easily achieve an 80+% improvement to your business.

And it doesn't stop there. The video goes on into more detail and shows you the disproportionately positive impact margin gains has. Of how improving everything 10% could yield improvements of 450%.

It's clear marginal gains compound exponentially. This isn't some flash-in-the-pan, here-today-gone-tomorrow business fad. Marginal gains has the potential to genuinely transform your business. All you have to do is apply it. Take a look at the video and learn how.

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