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Enemies and Ammunition: Targeting How You Sell Yourself

Posted On - 04/03/2014 16:43:18

How to Slaughter the Big Names
Last week we spoke about how the only way to win a competition is to be in it.

And we spoke about the need to be highly feisty, bold and assertive when promoting yourselves. Because you need to jolt people out of distraction so they hear what you have to say.

It may be tempting to treat every other business around you as competition and go into battle against them all. But before you do some words of caution.

If you attack another Indie what will they do? Let's say you decide to compete in the most obvious way by under-cutting them on price, what do you anticipate that'll spark? A price war??

Price competition: just a race to see who's got the deepest pocketsBefore you know it you're in the midst of the worst kind of competition. Because all it becomes is a race to see who's got the deepest pockets. A race that's only won by being able to last longer and get less badly hurt.

But go after a Big Name – say PC World on the price of its cables - and what happens? Nothing. They can't respond. They're not set up to.

The Big Names don't respond because they can't. They can't do local marketing and promotional campaigns. They don't have the expertise, money or managerial freedom to behave like this. They are powerless.

But what really matters is the impression you create with prospects. Because if their only experience is the Big Names, your criticisms of another Indie will mean little. They'll not have a clue what you're on about - it's not in their experience. Their frame of reference is different. So as well as stirring up a price war, attacking another Indie completely misses the mark - it means squat to the very people you want to impress.

Strategically your marketing is about changing perceptions and that requires a different approachWhile the Big Names are your enemy what you're fighting for are hearts and minds. Over are the assumptions and beliefs that make prospects think you're not as good as you are - and the Big Names are better.

You won't counter this by ignoring it. Indeed it's this that becomes the real focus of your marketing. For you, marketing isn't about raising awareness, it's about changing perceptions. And that demands an entirely different approach.

Fortunately, this isn't difficult for you. Because it hinges on exploiting things you already have. Things that the Big Names don't. And things that genuinely matter.

We've called these things ‘fatal flaws' because they're not just weaknesses in the Big Names, they're chinks exposing huge vulnerabilities. The 'soft underbelly' and the very means to destroy their marketing pretence.

What are they? See the video and find out.

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