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Take the Competition to the Cleaners

Posted On - 14/03/2014 11:37:11

Actual Examples of Artwork that Sells YOU
This is the last video workshop from the Target 2013 Open Day. But if you think that means it's just a summary - a round up and regurgitation of everything that's been said before - think again.

In this workshop we show you how to take the things that make you different and better - your unique competitive advantages - and turn them into words and pictures.

In particular, this video shows you actual examples of artwork – real designs - you could use or adapt to advertise the very things that make you different and better.

These designs could be used as posters in shop windows. Icons on your website. They could help you be creative with your use of email footers. Or you could use them them in your leaflets and brochures. Perhaps as the design on the reverse side of your business letterhead? The scope is limitless. Use them as they are, change them or just draw on the idea to create what you want. We've waived copyright over them - so use them as you want.

Designs that 'Sell' you're a local businessSo rather than this blog being a summary, we've actually saved the very best of what we had to say at the Open Day - the most valuable advice - for last. This workshop isn't a round-up, it's a culmination.

Before we get onto artwork, there are some basics you must get right. Because without them, your great marketing won't just disappoint, it will devestate. What looks like a billing for the best party in town won't just turn out a flop, people will wish they'd never gone.

Designs to 'Sell' you're price consciousThis may sound daft but we've really seen these things. Make certain you've got what you're promoting in stock. Make certain it's clearly price tagged. And that it's merchandised - not just put on a shelf or in a box behind or even under the counter. Yes, we really have seen these things.

When prospects tip-up - loaded down with anticipation fuelled by your great marketing - they must not be even remotely dissapointed. What they came for simply has to be in stock and look like it's great. More, that someone has chosen to stock it because it's the right choice. You have to make it look like you care. Merchanidising matters.

Another of the 'basics' is a retailing principle that will ramp your sales. It's this: set up everything in your store so people can browse and choose without asking anyone anything. So they only thing they need say is ‘thank you' after you've served them at the till.

Designs 'Selling' you're independent and free to give impartial adviceThe reasoning behind this is simple. Set up your store like this and it's unmistakable you take customers seriously. And if they sense that, they'll like the experience. And if they like the experience they'll relax and talk. So rather than a shop that's quiet the complete opposite results. The more you tell them, the more they'll ask.

Designs that 'Sell' servicesOnce you're confident the basics are in place you can concentrate on advertising the main event. You go about this by conspicuously attacking what we described last week as the Big Names ‘fatal flaws'. And you can do this with supreme confidence because you know when everyone comes round to your 'party' your spread really will be better.

The question is how? Just what do you do to promote, explain, describe and advocate the things that make you better? You know what their flaws – your strengths – are. The issue is how do you ‘sell' those differences?

How do you articulate competitive advantages as desirable virtues? How do you make prospects feel they might be missing out on something? How do you make them feel a tad anxious they're using the wrong place?

Well you can ‘sell' these things. And you can more easily than you think. You'll have seen a few examples in this blog. And for many, many more see the accompanying video.

PS. Want copies of the artwork here? Just email asking for what you want.

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