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You Can't Win a Fight You Won't Have

Posted On - 24/02/2014 14:34:11

To Win a Battle You Have to Go Into Battle
Surveys we've done show just how strongly the public supports you.

80% say they prefer you over the multiples.

90% say you're more important to the local community.

80% believe you care more about customers and service.

Fantastic news. But if the public loves you so much, why isn't there a queue outside the door?

Because it's not for prospects to take ANY risks. It's not for prospects to chase you down. If you want their business, make in plain you do. Don't for a moment let them doubt whether it'd be worth visiting you. And don't for a moment let them think they'd get anything less than a great experience. Could it be that queue isn't there because you're not saying the right things in the right way?

Think about it. It's easier to stick with what you know than changeIt's easier to stick with what you know than change.

Especially when what you're getting is tolerable.

Especially when it's convenient.

And especially when you feel you must be getting OK value because of all the headline price promotions around you.

And this is the issue: how bad does it have to get before you'd walk away from a big name?

How poor does service and quality have to get before you'd contemplate trying somewhere new? Particularly if you don't know whether an alternative actually exists. And particularly if there's little to show whether they'd be any better than what you get now.

Turn this round and you'll see why sitting back and relying on prospects good-will is mistaken. You can't assume people even register you exist, let alone whether you're any good. You will never win a fight you're not prepared to have. It's not stocking shelves and fixing computers that's the heart of your business. It's marketing and selling it so you get enquiries that is.

Don't compromise your integrity and everything you stand for by not speaking upSo don't make it easy for the big names to rob you of business rightfully yours.

Don't gloat or be vain over the fact you know your service is better or you're better priced.

Don't allow their voice to be the only one that's heard.

Don't let them set the agenda on what products and services matter.

Above all don't compromise your integrity and everything you stand for by not speaking up.

And don't fight by trying to be the cheapest. You already offer great value. And the one thing you aren't and must avoid being seen as is a £1 shop.

Interrupt prospects using messages that cut to the chaseAnd once you've decided to act, remember your prospects are already ‘distracted'. They're minds aren't on you. At best they simply presume where they do business now is better. At worst they don't even register they're making that choice.

It's not they don't like you, it's that you just aren't there. So you have to interrupt them. You have to jolt them into sitting up and taking notice. And you have to do it using messages that cut straight to the chase.

You need to be unashamedly assertive, bold and conspicuous in how you promote your business. Because you have to grab their attention and prick their consciousness. When they think they already know the right answer and that you're just trying to interrupt them and sell.

That also means engaging them in ways they might not expect. Ways you might have already discounted as pointless and dead-end.

So instead of turning away internet shoppers why not go out of your way to welcome them?

And why not do the same for show-roomers and Dell accolytes?

Because whatever the case, the issue at stake is this: the hardest part of generating enquiries is to get them to make actual contact. Wouldn't you prefer the chance to strike up a relationship, possibly even change someone's mind, than not?

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