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TOD'16 How to Create a Business Worth Buying

Last Update: 10:51, Oct 7th, '16

Sets out the content from all adviser and ShopTalk presentations at the 2016 Target Open Day

16 Articles
1. How to Find the Perfect Apprentice (Workshop)Click to Read

Recruitment mistakes can cost as much as 13 times pay. Don't make poor recruiting decisions – find the perfect hire. Find an apprentice…

2. Will Virtual Become Reality? (Workshop)Click to Read

There's a lot of talk about VR. Many think now's the time it'll get legs - really start becoming something. So what's happening? What's news? Like to find out? You're in the right place

3. The Secret to Winning Bids (Workshop)Click to Read

Bids, quotations and proposals. Tools of business development. Documents that serve a purpose – so buyers to compare you and choose. Tendering for work is competitive, it's taking a chance. Just make sure you've the best chance of winning possible

4. Stupid Marketing and How to Stop It (Workshop)Click to Read

Magic and Marketing may both start with ‘M' but they've little in common. But as different as they are one helps explain something hugely important about the other. So magic isn't about tricks at all - it's about why we can't see them happening

5. Why 5S Isn't What It's Cracked-Up To Be (Workshop)Click to Read

If you're an IT SME into hardware your workshop is somewhere you love spending time. You love this job! But if you've ever mislaid tools or parts, you've no small problem. Sure, you may be brilliant with computers but boy, are you in a mess

6. 9 Top-Secrets: How to Sell Your Business for More than it's Worth (Blog)Click to Read

Is this some dodgy post about tricking buyers into paying over-the-odds? No, this post does what it says. If you understand what buyers will pay for and how to make them pay more, you've got the secret

7. The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions (Workshop)Click to Read

"A presentation from the ‘Division Director of Pensions'? That's going to be as dull as ditch-water." Funny and bluntly honest, it was anything but. Want to understand what an expert had to say for business owners like you? Read on…

8. The Best Way to Sell-Up: Don't Use an Accountant (Blog)Click to Read

Seven weeks on and we're still writing about "How to Create a Business Worth Buying". Why? Not to get you to sell or teach you how. It's because your business has to be more than a pay-check, it has to be your nest-egg

9. Don't Be An Idiot Selling Your Business (Blog)Click to Read

With a title like this we could have written about anything. But instead we're going to focus on the one thing that as hard as it is to do, is also the one thing that'll ruin your chances of selling in a flash. What it is? Read on…

10. Bank Statements: Weapons of Mass Destruction (Blog)Click to Read

"How to Create a Business Worth Buying" hasn't been written to make a bigger point – though it seems to be trying. Turns out best practices have worth for buyers. So what's this week? Making your business cash-generative

11. Negotiating Business Sale: What's Your Exit? (Blog)Click to Read

Even if exit's not your plan it still makes sense to make your business sale-ready. Continuing our series on building business value this week we turn to something much closer to home – YOU

12. Looking to Sell Your Business? Then Don't Obsess About its Turnover (Blog)Click to Read

Aiming to create a business worth buying pleases lenders, suppliers and customers. ‘Preparing' for sale makes sense even if selling's not your plan now. This week we look at the role growth plays in the value of business

13. Can't Read Management Accounts? You're Not Fit to Run Your Business (Blog)Click to Read

We've looked at how good customer data and dependable income pushes up the price of your business. But are there more things that'll pile on the value? Turns out there are. That's what this post is all about

14. Get Top Dollar for Your Business: Ignore Sales and Profitability (Blog)Click to Read

Don't assume others will prize your business. To make it worth paying for it has to be attractive. Last week we discussed customer data, this we turn to knowing how customers spend and what they will

15. Selling Your Business: Are Your Customers Worth Squat? (Blog)Click to Read

Your business isn't worth anything like what you think. Don't sit back in the hope yours business is worth something. Join us and learn how to make your customer base worth having

16. Open Day 2016 - What Comes Next? (Blog)Click to Read

The 2016 Open Day is over. If you didn't or couldn't make it that's a shame – we're told it was the best yet. This year's Open Day set a new bar for Adviser Presentations and we want to make sure everyone gets to benefit from that

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