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SEO for Small Business

Posted On - 12/12/2014 09:54:49

Optimise for Local Search
While the internet has its flaws this series has been about how to make the most of it. Make no mistake use it the right way you'll benefit tremendously.

While we've covered off "The Real Reason for Small Business to be Online" as well as "Website Strategy for Small Business" and "How to Design a Small Business Website" there's a few more tips we'd like to share.

Regardless of why you've got a website and how it's designed if it can't be easily found, your efforts will be pointless. So, this blog concludes our series on website design with a few key pointers to help.

If you're interested to find out how to get search engines pushing you up their listings read on.

Get listed

Search engines give preference to businesses registered with themRemember how search engines don't work for you – they work for searchers? If you don't, go back and read "Website Strategy for Small Business" and "How to Design a Small Business Website" to remind yourself (please – you really need to get this).

The point is this: search engines are on the case when it comes to how people use them. They know people searching for "computer repairs Bristol" only want to see computer repair shops in Bristol. Not shops that say they're in Bristol, they only want to see shops that genuinely are.

So how will the search engines know – beyond doubt – the shops they serve up in a listing are? Through their local listings services. Google has Google Places. Bing uses 118 Information. Yahoo, Infoserve.  Get your business and website listed on these. Because when you do, your website will get priority treatment when it comes to local search in your locality.

Authentically bona-fide

Give search engines honest information that proves you're in the locality you sayNow I'm not suggesting you would do this, but clearly others before have. What? They try and cheat search engines by listing their businesses falsely to play the system.

DO NOT do this. If you compromise the quality of service Google offers its customers what do you think it'll do? Well, it's hardly likely to put you #1 on its search results is it? In fact, given the very act has proven you UNtrustworthy, it's likely to do very little to help you.

All these listings services have guidelines – follow them. Don't try and second guess what's wanted. Don't think of being ‘clever'. They're not asking anything odd or strange. Just information that proves you're genuinely in the locality you say. A local phone number. A full address including local postcode. Genuine working emails. And listing of all those details on your website.

The search engines will check these things. They have to make certain if they offer you up in a local search, you are there. And if your story doesn't add up, they won't believe you. So you won't get listed.

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