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Built by Experts for PC Professionals

Posted On - 17/03/2017 07:40:18

The In-Store PC Builder: used by over 900 IT prosWe're going to start with an apology. ShopTalk, our Customer Business Development Service, has two rules: one it's free and two, it's impartial. We're going to break rule two.

So we'll start by saying "sorry" but we really need - have - to be decidedly un-impartial about something. We're going to tell you about a free service Target offers and why you really should use it.

But before we do there's something to say…

Insider dealing

Whether you've heard them before or not, it's worth recapping some points we rarely make. Bear with us, these are important and worth understanding.

ShopTalk exists to help you, our customers, grow and have better businesses. We do it because we know running a small business is tough.

Offered free of obligation and bias ShopTalk is something you can trust. After all if you're going to take business advice you'll want what's best for you, not us.

Put simply ShopTalk's an investment by us in you. You could even call it a bet. Either way we only get paid or win if you make more money.

Cutting noses and spiting faces

By now you'll appreciate we can't recommend anything that doesn't help you succeed. And if I'm being un-impartial or biased there must be good reason. The only vested interest we have is you. You have to make money so we can. This is why we've no hesitation in breaking our impartiality rule this time. What we're going to say will help you bring in more cash.

The service we're going to talk about plays to the very reasons customers choose you. It adds to and enhances what makes you better than all the alternatives. Using it embodies personal service and helps show you genuinely care. Applying it brings your knowledge and expertise to life and positions you as someone to trust and respect. What's more, its use takes the selling - and everything that goes with that - out of sales. The question is: what is it?

A new tool for your box?

Perhaps if we said using this free service means you leap-frog all the big stores that would help? Perhaps if we said using it results in offering a virtually infinite range of PCs – dwarfing that from PC World – it would be clearer?

Well, if you already use what we're talking about you'll have guessed what it is. If not, don't worry, we're just talking about the In-Store PC Builder. Of course, the cynics out there will say we're recommending it to sell more parts. Well yes, but that only happens if you've already sold them. And one of the key things the In-Store PC Builder does is make your selling easier and better. So you sell more successfully. 

There are many PC builders and configurators out there – we found thirteen online without trying. The issue is why does Target Components offer one? And why are we so biased about it? Simple: ours is the only one that's for the trade. That's no small point. Because it means ours works very differently.

Could you be missing out?

Over the next few weeks we're going to explore just how different – and frankly superior - the In-Store PC Builder is. We're going to talk about just how it helps deliver better customer service. About the fundamental differences that make it the choice of the professional PC builder. And why over 900 PC pros now use it.

If you'd like to hear more about these - and more - join us for the rest of this series. Come and learn just how the In-Store PC Builder, the world's only "from-scratch" PC configuration tool, can help you build a better business.

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