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Inside the In-Store PC Builder

Posted On - 07/04/2017 08:15:22

The In-Store PC Builder: find out why it's more than just a tool for building computersIn last week's "How to Use a PC Configurator" we set out why and how the In-Store PC Builder was created. About how it's for using when advising customers in person, face-to-face.

But is that it? Is that all there is to the In-Store PC Builder?

No, not at all - it comes with all sorts of nifty extras. Plus there are some unexpected - really useful - ways it can be used.

Like to find out what all these are? More about why the In-Store PC Builder is the choice of 900+ PC Pros? Read on…

Computer says "No"

There's a key point to recap on the In-Store PC Builder. Because if you don't get it you won't understand anything else in this blog. We know some of you want to put the In-Store PC Builder on your websites. Well, you can... but we'd seriously question why.

Your customers choose to use you because they want service. The ones that don't go straight to the web. The difference between these people – these markets - is vast. Your customers make the effort to visit because they value your expertise and trust your advice. The In-Store PC Builder helps you do that better. That's what it's for.

Sure, putting it online may show-off how good you are. But it won't lead to many orders. Worse, because it's designed for you (expert) to use your customers (novices) could order something that doesn't work! Don't use the In-Store PC Builder this way. You'll end up selling in a way you don't understand to a market you don't know using a tool that's not designed for it. Using the In-Store PC Builder doesn't just give you a tool to help build PCs, it helps you sell them the right way to the right customers.

White label

You can't download a copy of the In-Store PC Builder – it's not available that way. It's a web based tool only accessible by account holders through "".

Now you might ask why we're so restrictive, why we don't make it more open. Well, completely developed in-house, it's the world's only ‘from-scratch' builder. Its 16,000+ rules mean you can start with a particular graphics card, peripheral connection, case, cooler or even screw and build a complete working PC.

Naturally we're pretty protective of the intellectual property. But more, it's critical the In-Store PC Builder always performs perfectly – you're using it with customers after all. This means it has to be completely up-to-date with configuration rules, live pricing and stock availability. These can only be guaranteed by providing it the way we do. But if you're worried that'll betray your professionalism to customers don't – it's white-labelled. The URL they see is "". Using the In-Store PC Builder doesn't just help you build PCs, it helps show you do it professionally.

The PC deviant 

We've looked at how other configurators work – we've checked them out. Bottom line is this: at every step they narrow down choices driving towards a build. Does this matter? Well, we think it does.

Building a computer is often anything but a straight line. Even when a customer says they're crystal clear on what they want. Cases are too small for boards, boards don't have enough of the right slots… Choices made now can mean some of those made earlier suddenly become wrong. And with other PC builders, this causes a problem.

Other online builders exclude unworkable configs as the build develops. Meaning they make it very difficult to loop back and make changes on-the-fly. This is where the In-Store PC Builder is entirely different and comes into its own. Using it means you've always got all options - it never excludes anything. The In-Store PC Builder doesn't just help you build PCs, it lets you do it any way you want – the way an experienced professional builder does.

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