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The Secret to Buying an Awesome High-Performance PC

Posted On - 21/04/2017 08:38:52

Where is the best place to buy a high-performance PC?Why do you shop where you do? What makes you spend with that retailer? Something's given you the confidence to fork-out. What is it? Price? Range? Service? What?

Well, would you believe me if I suggested it's none of these? Would you believe me if I said what matters most is trust? Trust that you're getting the right product. And trust you're getting the right service.

Understanding this is key. Because once you do you'll know not just how to buy high-spec PCs, you'll know where to buy them too.

The PC sales and services market

It's possible to segment the PC market crudely four ways. Depending on your confidence in choosing PCs and your willingness to buy online you could be in one of four categories.

If you're confident and willing the web's for you. No question - you don't need advice and aren't phased spending heavily online. See-ya! But if you're not quite sure what would be right or prefer doing business face-to-face, if you're buying something top-end – maybe a gaming rig or computer for video editing - it's a different story.

For the majority when it comes to buying tech you want - even need - help. You need advice. You need somewhere that's got or can get what you want.

An abundance of choice

There's huge choice over where to buy. Large retailers, small ones, chains, independents, specialists, general electrical: all could be good. Difficult isn't it?

Well… no it isn't hard at all - don't be blinded by the choice. See it for what it is. You know what you want: you want service you can trust. You want service you can depend on and believe in. That takes three things: expertise, impartiality and integrity. Find a retailer with these and you've got it cracked.

But don't all retailers give these? Aren't they all entirely trustworthy? This isn't about calling people crooks - think about it like this. Would you prefer being served by someone ‘interested' in computers or who lives and breathes them? Would you prefer being served by someone paid commissions to sell certain things over others or who's only bias is selling the right thing? Would you prefer being served by someone doing a job to get paid or whose livelihood depends on their reputation? Look at things like this and ‘trust' gets a whole lot clearer. And the difference between retailers gets meaning.

Expert or fake?

So, you decide to buy somewhere new. You think you'll be able to trust them – you've no reason to suggest not. So, in you pop looking forward to the experience.

The moment you do you start forming an impression. Sure, the layout, ambience, arrangement, colours, signs and stock in the store all have an impact. You like what you see. This is your kind of shop. So far so good.

But these don't add up to trust – the very thing you need to spend. How will you get it? Where will it come from? What'll make the difference? Well, of course it comes from the people serving in the shop. Everything from how they greet you through to the language they use as they ask questions and listen. That'll give you the sense it's OK to buy there. That'll give you the confidence you need.

Will it? Are you sure? Because while all these things - these niceties - are fine and dandy, do they prove the shop is any good?

Characteristics of an expert

What makes an expert? How would you know when you're talking to one? Or more particularly, how would you tell you were talking to a real one – one you could trust? Interesting question, particularly with so many blogs and ‘gurus' around…

But whatever, isn't this just down to impressing people with a vast repertoire of knowledge? Isn't this just about having to constantly simplify things so others can keep up? Putting everyone in awe of all that you know?

Well you know it isn't. For a start no-one likes a big-head. And as Einstein said, "if you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough". And sure, it turns out these are key signs of being in the presence of a fake. In fact, according to these are two of 7 ways to size-up just who's company you're in.

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