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The In-Store PC Builder: The Configurator of Choice for PC Professionals

Posted On - 13/04/2017 07:53:31

The In-Store PC Builder from Target Components Limited - the PC configurator of choice for over 900 expert trade PC buildersFive weeks ago I started a blog with an apology. I had to do it because I was about to break one of ShopTalk's main rules. I was going to be shamelessly un-impartial. I felt obliged - compelled even – to tell you about a free service Target does. A service called the In-Store PC Builder.

Since then that's what I've done. Five weeks setting out what the In-Store PC Builder is, how it's different and why it's better. Why it's the PC configurator of choice for over 900 expert trade PC builders like you…

The In-Store PC Builder is NOT "me-too"

There are many PC builders and configurators out there. With a simple Google search I found thirteen without really trying. Yep, 13 websites that all claim to do the same thing.

So why does Target Components have a PC build configurator? What could it possibly do the others don't? Isn't this just "me-too" because not having one means being left behind? No, not, a bit. For a start, Target's is the only one that's for the trade. And that means it works very differently.

Unlike all the others the In-Store PC Builder hasn't been created to sit online and collect orders. It doesn't exist to eliminate you like them. The In-Store PC Builder works with and for you – that's its purpose. It's a specialist tool for experts. And the only one of its type.

The In-Store PC Builder brings out your customer service

The In-Store PC Builder services customers. It's a device to help you work with them and understand their requirements. It helps take a customer's needs and turn them into a build spec and price. Whether you do that on their premises (it works on a tablet), over the phone or at yours, that's what the In-Store PC Builder's for and does.

Websites can't talk - all those online configurators out there are mute. They can't ask questions to find out what's really needed, they can't make suggestions and recommend. That's where you come in. With the In-Store PC Builder you can give customers service and an experience they'll not forget. That's what your customers want. That's why they choose you. The web doesn't, can't and never will come close.

The In-Store PC Builder IS the professional's choice

It's said provided you've got talent, with 10,000 hours practice you'll achieve mastery. And while that number's perhaps debatable what isn't is this. As much as masters have routines – practiced steps they know work with customers and create great builds – the true pro can also flex and ditch them at a moment's notice. Why? Because it doesn't always make sense to start a build choosing the CPU when what matters most is case size. Case size matters less than graphics when building a CAD machine. And so it goes.

The point is this. A true PC building master doesn't want a configurator that can't work with them – doesn't want one that uses a set process and narrows down their choices. They want one that works like they do. One that can start with any component, allows changes on-the-fly, tolerates ambiguous combinations and informs them of issues as they go. None of the other configurators do any of these: the In-Store PC Builder does them all. That's why it IS the choice of professionals.

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