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How to Make More Money – Instantly

Posted On - 18/09/2015 09:24:25

Instant Profit: a workshop designed to make making more money easierIt's hard to make a decent living. What with the internet, eBay, PCW…, making money feels like it's never been harder. Now, when we set about planning the Open Day ShopTalk always aims to do stuff that'll help tackle your problems. So at this year's we put on a session called "Instant Profit". A workshop designed to make making more money easier.

This blog marks the first in a series by the same name. In it we sets out the why's-and-what's behind the Open Day workshop - more on the session's background at what it was out to achieve. From there on the series sets out the specific things you should do and the video shot at the Open Day. Shall we begin?

A man walks into a shop...

It's not the start of a joke. And we don't mean to be sexist or suggest this only applies to retail. It doesn't matter who it is or what type of business you are, the same applies. Imagine the scene: there you are – a customer directly facing you or talking to you on the phone. How can – or more, how will – you make more money from them? What can you do to increase how much they buy from you there and then? Be they totally new, never seen before customers or regulars who call most days for a chat, what can you do? That's what "Instant Profit" is all about.

You already know the answer

Making more money: not rocket scienceNot rocket science is it?

You'll make more money by selling what you would have but now at a higher price.

You'll make more money by selling more stuff than you would usually.

Or, best of all, you'll make more money by selling more at a higher price.

So "Instant Profit" is about price and sales. Amazed? Probably not. So why do we make such a palaver about it? Because, being entirely honest, many of you have got the wrong end of the stick. There's muddled thinking out there that needs putting right. That's why we staged the workshop at the Open Day.

Putting up prices won't destroy your business

You'll make more money instantly charging more for what you sell. Every % on the price of a cable, repair or installation is a % more revenue.  Or to be precise, % more profit - remember the costs are the same. But won't customers desert you if you put prices up? It's a common fear – everyone knows as prices go up, demand falls.

The issue isn't this relationship doesn't exist it's how fragile many of you think it is. "Instant Profit" serves to set this right. Based on a mix of the underlying maths as well as the findings of the Retail Price Comparison we show you how price and sales actually work. How price rises won't affect your business like you may believe and that you can raise them – more easily than you think.

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