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Make Customers Complain

Posted On - 09/10/2015 10:28:52

You Can't Put Right What You Don't Know

This blog series - "Instant Profit" - is about making more money from the next customer you serve.

So far we've tackled why you should get on and raise prices and we've told you what to say to boost sales.

But there's more...

Because if customers are already primed to trust you, you'll sell more – and you'll get more from those you've never served before. It's easy to sell to customers who already know you, harder with those that don't. So get good at it and you'll make "Instant Profit" more. The question is how?

A complaint is…

A customer for life? Feedback from a customer on what you're not doing right? To a greater or lesser extent these could both describe a complaint.

But they're not the definition.

Part of the problem is they only look at it from your perspective. When good customer service would demand you look at it from the customer's. The key in getting to grips with complaints is recognising them for what they are – expressions of dissatisfaction. And that dissatisfaction is directed at you and your business.

Don't be judge and jury

Everyone tries to do their best. No-one starts their day thinking: "Hey, today's the day I annoy customers". But are you the best judge of how good you are? Just because you've never heard a complaint or grumble doesn't mean you're great at what you do – you might be just good enough.

What matters is who's making the calls: you, or the customer. The overwhelming majority of how customers rate you is how they feel they've been treated. Not how you think they have, how they think they have.

You can't read their minds. It's dangerous to try and you don't need to. That is if you accept you can't be judge and make it obvious you're open to hear what they think.

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