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Be Lucky

Posted On - 24/06/2016 08:00:45

Luck might seem something mysterious and down to chance but it's notLuck might seem something mysterious and down to chance but it's not.

The problem is the things that make people lucky or unlucky are self-validating and self-fulfilling.

In other words if you're unlucky that's how you'll stay and if lucky, you'll get more.

But you can be more lucky. If you can break habits and think differently, it's proven you can.

If you want greener grass, you can get it. But it won't come by looking over the fence. You'll have to break it down. This blog series "Nothing Happens by Chance" has been all about that.

Surprise, surprise!

People aren't born lucky or unlucky. The almighty doesn't throw the dice and bestow some with luck and others not.

How can we say so? Because luck is proven the consequence of beliefs, attitudes and behaviour. If you believe you can't do phone repairs or won't because you can't be bothered to learn, you never will - whether you're able to or not. But if you're up to try and give it a decent shot, you'll not just get the business that creates it'll open the door to opportunities unimaginable now.

In other words, with the right attitude and behaviour, you will get lucky. Luck hinges on mind-set. The key is having the right one. And the good news is beliefs and attitudes are learned. So they can be relearned.

Specifically, don't overgeneralise

There are a couple of fundamentals between the lucky and the unlucky. One of them is the tendency to generalise. To always explain good or bad situations as the result of broad rules. Note the use of "always" - sometimes they'll apply but other times they won't.

But the point is this. Lucky people tend to explain good or bad fortune by thinking first about the specifics of why things happened. They don't treat success as fluke or take setbacks personally. They don't jump to conclusions. What they do is recognise every situation is unique.

Always take responsibility

The other thing that's different is how the lucky accept responsibility.

This isn't about always taking the blame for when things go wrong or the credit when they're good. Taking responsibility isn't a blanket action. Being responsibly responsible – being sensible about it – is about acknowledging and accepting the choices you've made, the actions you've taken and the results they've led to.

Everything happens for a reason and if there's a problem with a customer, member of staff or a product it's for that reason.

Lucky people don't just blame others - they see each event as a chance to learn and change their behaviour. So they get less bad luck and more good.

Every problem is an opportunity

Yuk! Don't you hate it? It's probably because it always gets trotted-out by some positive thinking do-gooder.

But hold-up. As clichéd, overused, crass and naively well intentioned as it is, it's completely right. Because you can take a problem and do nothing with it. Or you can take it and try and make the best of it.

Sure, not every duff flash drive can be made into anything better than an "oh that's annoying, here's a replacement". But some can.

Take them for what they are. The customer's come back. They're talking to you. It's your choice: end the conversation handing over some new kit or say "this may not be the right time – tell me if it is – but flash drives are easy to lose and can, like this one, fail. If you're using it for anything valuable you might be better using cloud storage. It costs a little more, but it'd never go wrong or get lost and you can access it from anywhere. Interested to know more?"

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