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Only You Can Be Lucky

Posted On - 03/06/2016 08:46:40

The difference between being lucky and not? They take responsibility for their actionsLast week's "Luck Doesn't Happen By Chance" talked about generalisations. About how unlucky people tend to use them and lucky don't. How the unlucky see one computer breakdown as meaning everything they sell is flawed while the lucky see the breakdown as just that: one breakdown.

But if you think this is just a way of letting themselves off the hook think again. Because what lucky people do is think long and hard about responsibility. To find out why that matters so much read on…

It's your choice

Everything you do you choose to do. You're your own master – no-one else. In "If Only I Had More Time | Regain Control of Time" we talked about this a lot. About how time doesn't control you, you control it. And how mastery of time management won't come from some amazing technique, it turns on your decision to rein it in.

So it is with resolving to become luckier. How? What matters is making the choice to go beyond just resigning yourself to breakdowns or taking unexpected sales as luck. What matters is choosing to dig into the "how's", "why's" and above all "if's" of your responsibilities for the outcome. Because lucky people know it's the difference between the things you can control and those you can't that matters.

It wasn't me

It never is! But that's kind of the point. Some people never accept responsibility. They instinctively deny. They push the problem away - and put it down to something else.

So when the laptop hinge they fixed 3 days ago comes back broken again, it couldn't possibly be anything to do with them. It must be something the customer's done. Well, maybe it is or isn't. What matters is thinking like this - merely having the thought at the back of your mind – isn't just dangerous; it denies you the chance of learning.

Lucky people create more luck by being open minded. They create more luck by finding out where they're going wrong and changing what they do to avoid it. They create more good luck by simply avoiding the bad.

Did I do that?

Just as some deny responsibility others are surprised by good fortune. The unexpected sale – brilliant! They just wish they could create more. They made it happen? No – it was luck!

But like before this way of thinking denies learning. Of understanding how that sale came about and what they did to make it happen. As for lucky people, well, you can guess what's coming. Are they surprised at the unexpected sale? Yes! But do they leave it there? No – they want more! And they create more by examining what they got right and doing more of it.

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