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Preparing to Be Lucky

Posted On - 10/06/2016 09:11:34

Being lucky isn't down to hope - don't cross your fingers you can make it happenIf you think yourself unlucky chances are you do certain things. If you tend to explain things away or duck problems, odds-on odds-on that's what you are. Don't like that? That's irony!

But seriously, being lucky is down to you. The question is: is it as simple as we set out in "Only You Can Be Lucky"? Taking each win or loss as it comes and learning what you can each time? Yeah, pretty much. Problem is if you tend to be negative you'll find this tough. Want to find out why and what you can do?

Which do you want first: good or bad?

Different people like to get their news differently. Interestingly most like the bad first. And research shows they're the ones who tend to come out more optimistic.

But the real issue is the impact of bad news over good. We've seen varying estimates from it taking just two pieces of good to make up for one bad to as many as 10. Evolution's programmed us to avoid bad experiences that's why we take them the way we do. And it's why even if you only experience bad luck half as much as good, you may feel dogged by it.

"80% of success is showing up"

It's a Woody Allen quote. He was talking about the difference between just wanting to do something and actually doing it.

"The more I practice the luckier I get" – that's one from the golfer Gary Player. Or his other famous one "simply by making the effort to start something, you will be miles ahead of almost everyone else".

Are you getting the message? They're telling you something about good fortune. These ‘lucky' people are telling you about what it takes. If you tend to be a pessimist telling you to "think positively" will be a killer. What does it look like? How would you know if you were doing it?

Well, what do you think Woody and Gary are doing? They're telling you the answers in what they're saying. Can you see it?

More people quit than lose

It's true. Most people give up trying to achieve something than actually fail. They flunk because they give up, not because they're not good enough.

But if you knew success was guaranteed, how hard would you try? If you knew you could learn to win any new customer you wanted, just when would you give up going after them? If you knew you could handle the most difficult customer imaginable in the right way, how patient, how diplomatic, how humble would you be?

Time and again the words "necessity is the mother of invention" are proved right. If you were trying to chase winning another job from a school or sell another premium build, whatever it is, if you knew you could do it, how high would you aim? How ingenious would you be?

Every problem is an opportunity

Yuk! Don't you hate it? It's probably because it always gets wheeled out by some positive thinking do-gooder.

But hold-up. As clichéd, overused, crass and naively well intentioned as it is, it's completely right. Because you can take a problem and do nothing with it. Or you can take it and try and make the best of it.

Sure, not every duff flash drive can be made into anything better than an "oh that's annoying, here's a replacement". But some can if you take them for what they are.

The customer's come back. They're talking to you. It's your choice: end the conversation handing over some new kit or say "this may not be the right time – tell me if it is – but flash drives are easy to lose and can, like this one, fail. If you're using it for anything valuable you might be better using cloud storage. It costs a little more, but it'd never go wrong or get lost and you can access it from anywhere. Interested to know more?"

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