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Start Getting Lucky

Posted On - 17/06/2016 07:50:55

Luck's down to a state of mind - it's also down to what you doSo luck's down to a certain state of mind is it? Being resilient. Trusting intuition. Taking problems as cue's to learn. That it? Can we go now?

Well you can, but there's more.

Getting lucky isn't just about attitude. It's about behaviour too. So far all we've talked about is mind-set. We haven't said anything about actions. So even if you can get your head in the right place, your hands won't be. When it comes to doing things to bring you more luck, we've a way to go. Like to find out more?

"The best way to predict the future is to create it"

Quite who said this isn't clear - there's at least 7 people who could have! But seriously, what matters is what's being said.

This quote gets at the difference between letting things happen and making them happen. It's about the difference between being passive just taking things as they come, or doing stuff so what you want to happen, happens.

So this quote is about the difference between stacking your shelves, opening up and hoping customers will visit or doing all that and something that will draw them in. A charity sale of cupcakes just outside the door. Walking the street leafletting or emailing with a special offer. Whatever it is, it's about being proactive and acting. Not just sitting back and hoping.

Nudge, nudge: say no more!

Now "Creating the future" may sound daunting but it doesn't have to as all-or-nothing as it might seem. So yes, you can make it a total onslaught to win new customers, do more system builds or whatever. But that takes time and effort. Most of all it takes dedication – something that can be pretty difficult when it's just you in the business.

Another way to "create the future" is to ‘nudge' yourself. To do little things each and every day that ease you towards more luck. Nudging isn't as daft as it sounds. It's rooted in Nobel prize winning psychology. It gets applied all over the place – in advertising, by government - to shape how we think and behave. Why not use it on yourself?

Nudge #1: Tell-tales

Last week 30 customers contacted you. Or was it 33? Anyhow, of those 12 – no, it was 14, bought something. That's one (or two?) more than the week before. You get the point? Memory is unreliable. It's hard to accurately recall what happened.

But more than that, our perception has thresholds before we notice things. And they change depending on our state of mind. So it's not just we simply can't recount what happened, it's how distracted, tired, happy, stressed or whatever we are that'll affect whether we notice at all!

Without basic indicators for what getting more lucky means, you can't tell if anything you're doing is paying off. And if you can't tell, how long before you give up?

The first thing to do to get more luck is start measuring the things that mean you are. Ever wondered why people use codes on their marketing?

Nudge #2: Practice generosity

One way to nudge yourself towards luck is to practice a little Karma. If you're not familiar it's the spiritual principle of cause and effect. How the intent and actions of an individual influence their future. So good intent and good deed contribute to good karma and future happiness, while bad intent and deed make for bad karma and suffering.

Now there are other ways of saying this you may be familiar with. "What goes around comes around" is one. Another is "giver's gain". But whichever way you look at it, this cause and effect link has ancient roots. It's long been known if you do good things for others, good things – a little luck – will come your way.

Next time you get a call fishing for some free advice, practice some good Karma and give it. You never know what might happen.

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