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The Grass Is Always Greener

Posted On - 19/05/2016 17:25:46

Are you lucky? Or does it seem to pass you by? Are others lucky while you rarely get a break?Are you lucky? Or does it seem to pass you by? Are others lucky while you rarely get a break?

Sometimes it can seem the world's stacked against you. And even if it isn't we could all do with more luck, no? But is luck just fluke and chance? Is it down to fate, accident and coincidence? Or is it something else? Is it actually possible to be more lucky?

Turns out you can be more lucky - you can make it happen. And that's what this series of blogs – "Nothing Happens by Chance" is all about…

Rabbit's foot

You're visiting a business to quote for a maintenance contract. It's not that big – just a few PC's – but you want it. You've not met the owner before and don't know them. So that's not going to help. If you're going to get it, the support needs to be good and at the right price. You know you could do a good – a great – job if you got it.

You just need some… luck. That little sprinkle of fairy dust that'll make the difference. As you prep you remember the last contract you won. How you drove over in the van, not the car. Why not do it again? Can't do any harm can it? Might even help!

Underpants outside your trousers

It's a bit extreme and you might not win the customers or contracts you want - but you get the point. Superstitions. They're ancient. They come from a time when everything was thought the result of magic.

But despite knowing far more about the world today, they're still alive and kicking. We know a business manager who has a special pen. It's one of those expensive Mont Blanc's. He keeps it in his top left pocket. Pride of place. And it only, repeat only, gets used when he's asking customers to sign contracts.

Why? Because he believes it makes a difference. He believes it'll 'help' them sign.

Charmed I'm sure

Driving over in the van, the pen, keeping it in a special pocket, using it at special times: these are all charms and rituals.

They're all ways of conjuring good luck. Daft when you think about it rationally, but evolution has programmed us so well to avoid bad experiences anything that'll increase the chances of good is good.

So lucky heather, touching wood, 4 leafed clover, a rabbit's foot, not crossing on the stairs - and all the other ones – all these little, some might say silly, things are all ways of getting more luck.

But why do we behave like this? Why do we put our faith in, frankly, hope. It's simple really: we're trying to control something elusive. Something we don't quite understand. Something we can't quite put our arms around. And the desire for luck is huge. Perhaps it's why Napoleon and Eisenhower alike preferred ‘lucky generals'. They believed them better at winning battles.

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