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Retail: It's ALL About Psychology

Posted On - 04/12/2015 08:55:18

Think Like the High-Street

Continuing our tour of showcase retailers, this week we visit David Marchant of Cobweb Computers. A seasoned retailer, over the years David's seen shops around him come and go. What's his secret to success? David says it's down to psychology – about getting inside the mind of the prospect. How? Just look at the High-Street…

Street cred

Within moments of talking, David makes crystal clear why he's successful. He's under no illusion High-Street retailers are masters of their trade and big on using their ideas. All their know-how is on display – it's just a matter of looking and learning. This doesn't mean being identical to PC World or Apple – it just means being like them. Why? Before anyone buys anything they first need to feel they can trust. New prospects will use whatever means they can to make that call. If you look like the High-Street they already trust, you're well on the way. If you don't…


Every time we can mention this we do. A–Boards. Sure, some Local Authorities restrict their use, but many don't. So if you can have one, do. The reason is simple: footfall outside isn't thinking about you, it's busy with its own stuff. Minding its way, looking ahead – not to the side where you are - and thinking about whatever. The only way you'll get noticed is to literally get in front of it. That's what an A-Board does. Get the biggest you can and use artwork that grabs attention. Here colour is hugely important. Black and yellow are proven interrupters. Red ‘jumps' as it's got very high visibility. David uses them all - see the video for how.

Watch this Video to See Inside Cobweb Computers

Shop windows serve a very particular purpose

David thinks about windows in a way that's good to learn from. "For existing customers, you're just a destination", he says. "Existing customers just come in and ask - they've little interest in your windows – they know what you do and what they want. They don't need to be persuaded or sold to." But when it comes to prospects his thoughts are different. "Shop windows are all about attracting new business" he says. "If windows do anything, they get prospects in through the door" he says.

Display what you want to sell

Blindingly obvious? Well is it? If you had to choose just one or two things, what would they be? Still an easy choice? You can't just say ‘everything'- you couldn't get it all in your window and even if you could, it'd swamp people. But making these choices is actually easier than you may think. While you may make most money from repairs that isn't what you are. You're a computer shop so that's what people will expect - you sell computers. David's own experience bears this out: "I tried all sorts in my windows over the years" he says, "But when I put computers in that's what people ask about."

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