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Fatally Flawed

Posted On - 24/03/2014 16:24:31

What are you competing for? To win business? Are you sure? Because people don't shop where they do by chance; it's because they've chosen to.

They've decided where they like and that's where they go. So to win new business you're not just going to have to persuade those people to try you, you've got to get them to prefer you.

When it comes to what you're competing for, sure you want people to use you, but what you're really striving for is to get them to like you.

Like us on Facebook

Right or wrong, ‘liking' on social media is all the rage. Problem is it's just a click. So it really doesn't mean that much as far as relationships go. It's little more than a gesture. Liking in real life - to the extent it means people have changed their minds - is a much bigger deal. Suddenly getting liked isn't just a matter of asking, it's a real hurdle. No longer is it enough to be nice, you actually have to be better.

Good, better, best

‘Better' means different things to different people. What some desire others shun. So, think Packard-Bell or Toshiba or Apple and you get the picture. Or what about Kingston or Team or Zeppelin? And just like choosing brands people choose where they buy just the same.

Your brand will appeal more to some and less to others. Coax someone new to visit and while you may sell to them, unless they think you're better - unless they think it's worth coming back in future - you won't gain a customer. Because many won't like your offer – your experience - or find it so similar they're indifferent.

And this is the point: not everyone can be won and not everyone is a prospect. Some people aren't customers for good reason – they never will be. That doesn't mean you're not good or failing, it's just means they're not your market.

Know your market and especially how to target it

Selling yourself to those who'd never use you is pointless. And doing so because you don't know how else to reach those who will is no excuse. So how can you tell the difference – how can you know who's a 100% certified genuine customer prospect from who isn't? Well ‘What People Really Think About Independent Retail' spells out the tell-tale signs. Based on shoptalk surveys completed with 398 members of the public, we found a few interesting insights you might like to know. Stuff that tells you exactly how to max your chances of attracting new business.

Posted On: Mar 30th, '14


2529 days, 4 hours, 49 minutes ago

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Great Start, this helps. Just need to start implementing it!
Posted On: Mar 31st, '14


2800 days, 11 hours, 31 minutes ago

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Hi pc-partx. Glad it helps. We're always keen to help so if you want to discuss more just drop me a line -
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