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How to Market Deals

Posted On - 18/07/2014 11:29:50

Marketing: it's all about stuff to create enquiries isn't it? And it is. Thing is, enquiries don't only exist from people before they visit.

People don't stop noticing and reading things just because they've walked through your door. They may have decided to come in for many reasons but that doesn't mean they can't be tempted by other things too.

Marketing inside your shop is every bit as important. Concluding our series on marketing design, this blog takes a look at the oft neglected area of in-store marketing.

The consummate retailer

Everything about your shop speaks about YOU. If it's dark, shabby and amateur it'll create an entirely different impression from one that isn't.

You don't have to copy Apple but if you've a shop yet can't do basic retailing, just how good are you with computers? And whether these things are linked or not doesn't matter - it's not unreasonable for people to think like this: what other measure do they have?

Strive to be the consummate retailer. In ‘10 Tips to Better Product Placement/Store Layout' and ‘Hey, You...BUY ME! 15 Tips for Better Merchandising' we've already said much about this. In this blog we're going to look much more closely at visual merchandising. And in particular retail signage used to sell products.

What is the desired customer reaction?

This is where all marketing design starts. Not with images and colours but with a clear understanding of its consequences.

So, using a real life example, here's a situation you'll have had. There's a customer in your shop looking at a refurb computer. It's got a sign on it – the one opposite.

What do you want that sign make the customer do? Ask about the computer?

Yes, but come on, what do you really want them to do?

Look at this this way: would you rather they asked what the price was or whether it has a warranty? Or, would you rather they asked: "Can I see it powered up?" Or even: "What great value, how can I pay!"

Truth is you want the customer to just buy it there and then – or at least as close to that as you can get. This is the reaction you want: this is what you sign needs to do, this is what your design needs to ignite.

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