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How to Sell Plugs

Posted On - 17/03/2014 08:58:32

This is the first blog in a series about marketing. That may turn some of you off but it shouldn't. Because business is about selling and marketing is about attracting people to buy from you.

There's no secret to marketing – it's just communication. It's just you having something great to say about yourself and saying it.
Now we could go into marketing theory but we're not going to. If you're interested, there are dozens of books on the topic. No, this series is going to be about what you should be saying about yourself. More, it's about how you could go about saying it. So it'll contain practical examples you could use to market yourself with.

Effective marketing fascinates. It draws and attracts. And it does this best when two things work together well: the message and how it's delivered. But get either of these wrong and your marketing won't work properly. It might even have the opposite effect.

Your message must tell people why you're great. About why you're different compared to the rest. The content must spell out why customers will be better off dealing with you. That going anywhere else - supermarket, PC World, internet or local department store - would be a waste of their time. Message is so important we're going to devote an entire blog to it.

But the best message in the world will fizzle if not presented in the right way. What you say has to be said so it inspires confidence. And with your message vying with hundreds of others it has to cut-through and be so easy to understand it happens almost subconsciously.

Here good design makes all the difference. And that's not difficult either – you just need to know what works. So with that in mind we're going to devote another blog to explaining it.

Now understanding these things is really important. Knowing how to craft great marketing will put you ahead of the pack. And for some of you that may be all the help you want. That's fine. But others may feel a bit more to bring it all to life would be beneficial. Whichever you are the remaining blogs in this series will set out practical examples of different messages. Critically they'll contain example artwork.

Feel free to dip in and see what's there – they're just ideas. If you want you can copy them as they are – we completely waive our copyright on them. Or you may want to take the design and improve it for what you want. Please - whatever - use them as you wish.

Our goal with this series is to equip you with the insight, tools and knowledge to create and craft great marketing. We want you to be able to create great leaflets, signs, posters, websites, whatever, for your business. Whether you're a marketing expert or amateur, comfortable or ill-at-ease with it, our goal is to provide everyone with something. Because we want you to be able to compete better and win more often.

We hope you find it worthwhile. And if there's anything more we can do, please let us know.

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