Retail Price Comparison Results

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2015 National Retail Price Comparison - Analysis & Interpretation of Findings

The Retail Price Comparison is our unique pricing survey for Independent Bricks and Mortar Retailers. 2015 was an outstanding year for participation and this report sets out the overall findings. For the third year running the survey confirms Independent IT Shops are a better shopping destination - based on price and range - than the well-known high street Multiples. Download your free, no obligation, copy here. For comments, questions and more information email or call us: | 01977 282 359.

Competitor Price Utilities Record Sheet

Example spreadsheet for collecting pricing data as part of developing a Price Competition Strategy. Referred to in our blog: ?How to Gather Competitor Intelligence?

Competitor Non-Price Utilities Record Sheet

Price competition is as much about competing on your Utilities as it is about your prices themselves. Use this to record the detail of Utilities information gathered when you Mystery Shopping your competition. Simply allows you to record your detailed competitor observations and rate them against yourself. For detail on how to use this, refer to the shoptalk blog 'How to Gather Competitive Intelligence'.

Price Change Sales Tool

When using this tool read the accompanying blog 'Instant Profit' - which gives much more outline on the context for its use. It's a simple spread-sheet that allows you to model, for varying mark-ups, the impact on profit and sales volumes of different % discounts. As the blog puts it 'so you can play just how much does discounting eat my profits'. Discounting has a disproportionate effect on profits and sales volumes - the tool helps you understand those and consider discounting as a rational business decision, not as 'a good idea' or something you offer spontaneously on the basis of specific circumstances.

Credit Control - Escalation Letters

Credit control systems are only good as their implementation.

This means that is payments are late you need to act. There is a standard process to go through to do this - see our blog "Credit Control - what is it, why have it and how to do it?" - and that requires a staged process with formal notifications at each.

Attached are example letters covering the three stages of escalation typical in such a procedure.

Adapt these and use with customers to get payment made, long before the need for legal action.

Customer rating tool

If you haven't profiled your target market you will be wasting time, effort and money in marketing and selling - you can't know whether you are marketing and selling to your customers in the right ways.

But not only does this mean waste, it means you will also be "leaving money on the table" when it comes to selling as much as you could.

A critical step in achieving this is to systematically and consistently rate the quality of your customer base.

This tool provides you with the means to score and assess you customers.

NOTE:For guidance on how to use the tool refer to our blog entry "How to profile your target market".

Return on Display Area calculator

Use this model to ensure that you allocate display space to the products that generate the highest return.

Return on Marketing Investment

Work out your expected return on investment for any marketing activity.

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