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How to Design a Window Display

Posted On - 17/04/2013 10:15:49

50% of all purchase decisions are made on impulse. So a window with little in it is clearly missing a trick. Equally, present people with clutter, frustrate their browsing and you'll achieve the same. You need is something in the middle - something that grabs the attention of those in a hurry and engages those that are not. You need a shop window that works.

Winning window displays don't just happen by chance. And they aren't just great to look at. They attract business and make you money.

This is the first blog in a series of three providing a short ‘course' on window displays and visual merchandising. Spanning a total of 21 key visual merchandising and window display tips the series comprises:

  1. How to Design a Window Display (this blog). The first seven strategic tips – the stuff you need to sort before raising a finger. The key decisions that'll put you on the right track to a winning window display
  2. How to Create and Make a Window Display. A further seven tips, focussing on actually constructing, building and crafting a retail window display
  3. The Art of Retail Window Displays. The final seven master tips, to take your window displays from great to stunning

‘How to Design a Window Display' tackles the issues critical to the success of a window display. Key decisions you'll need to take before you even start building your visual merchandising. Here they are…

1.    Understand what shop windows really do

Too often I see Retailers whose windows tell me they're not interested in serving me. Windows with little in them, windows with scrappy bits of paper as signs, display areas just filled up with stuff. It's not that these are poor displays – though they are - the real issue is that these businesses can't be bothered to try.

Part of being in business is showing you are open and willing to do business. It's about telling potential customers you're interested in serving them.

Sure, looking after a shop window takes time, takes planning and work. But you're a retailer - a shop - and if you can't spare the time to look after you shop window, what can you spare time for? What's more, as an independent this is one of the ways you can really stand out from the blancmange of the chains all around you.

Your window dressing and visual merchandising does more than just display things, it says ‘hello, I'm a specialist IT retailer. I'd love to meet you. Please pop in so I can give you great service.'

2.    Use others window designs to inform your own

Hate being told the obvious dressed up as something useful? I do. Except this isn't unhelpful. Let's not beat about the bush on this, what's more in your DNA, computers or creating artistic window displays? There's no magic bullet that'll suddenly made you a great window display designer and window dresser.

There are almost infinite ways to create displays and present things. So how can you make sense of it all? Copy, imitate, mimic that's what. Start really looking at window displays and decide what you like and don't. Whenever you're out, be conscious of the windows all around you. What materials and techniques have been used to create effects? How has space been used? Close up, how have the displays been constructed?

No-one expects an IT shop window to be designed and dressed like Louis Vuitton. At the same time you can look, learn and copy from probably every window you see.

Posted On: Apr 22nd, '13


2465 days, 22 hours, 33 minutes ago

Posts: 35


Great blog on window dressing John. Can't wait for the next installment. Keep up the good and bad example pics too, they are very effective.
Posted On: Apr 24th, '13


2457 days, 5 hours, 10 minutes ago

Posts: 1


Excellent, really get me thinking..but will I get time to implement? The photo's are very good example of good and bad.
Posted On: Apr 25th, '13


2466 days, 10 hours, 7 minutes ago

Posts: 381


We have a running tablet in our window as we do try to emphasize the face we do stock many Android tablets and we do support our customers tablets bought from us or not. Yes too cluttered looks awful but then so does too little. its getting a good balance.
Posted On: Apr 27th, '13


2376 days, 5 hours,

Posts: 468


AiredaleComp posted...Great blog on window dressing John. Can't wait for the next installment. Keep up the good and bad example pics too, they are very effective.
Hi Keith, apologies for the slow response. Thanks for your comments. The next blog is up now!
Posted On: Apr 27th, '13


2376 days, 5 hours,

Posts: 468


Javed posted...Excellent, really get me thinking..but will I get time to implement? The photo's are very good example of good and bad.
Hi Javed. Thanks for the remarks. If time is an issue why not talk ideas through before acting? My mobile is: 07854 195 718
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