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Why We Do the RPC and What's Really In It For You

Posted On - 18/10/2013 08:43:22

The RPC: Not an Act of Charity but Shared Commercial Interest
Staging a pricing survey is not something most distributors would do. In fact none of them do. So why do we? And what on earth could we do you couldn't for yourselves?

Well, we don't do the survey as some pure big-hearted act of charity. Sorry but we don't. But we do do it for sound commerical reasons: reasons that we both share. We only sell to the trade and that means your success or failure is ours. We do the survey because it's yet another way we can help you, and therefore ourselves, succeed.

But we also do the survey because pricing is so very central to business and a major competitive issue for you. There's a huge range of business advice we could provide you with - some of it of more value than others. Right up the top of the list is 'price'. And pricing information that helps you do it accounting to what performs best for others is right up at the very top. Why does this matter? Would you rather pick a pricing number from a list or pick the one you know gives other businesses just like you the most sales satisfaction?We do the Comparison because its gives you probably the most valuable and helpful business advice there is.

We also do the survey because you just don't have the time to collect, collate and analyse data at the scale we can. From around 100 resellers across 65 products and services. But because we are a common point for so many of you through the web, we can. So we do.

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