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10 Ways to Get Customers Backing You

Posted On - 27/03/2013 10:37:42

Get customers backing youRemember your first day at high school? Or at a new job? Maybe you've moved to a different part of the area you live, or a completely new town or city? Can you remember how unfamiliar everything was? How it felt to do stuff you know how to, but in an entirely different place?

This is what it feels like to be an outsider. But just as it feels odd to you, you're different to everyone that's already there.

So it's not just you that feels anxious, they do too.

This matters because no matter how long you might have been in business, if you've done nothing to identify yourself with where you are - to be part of your locality - you will remain an outsider.

And if you seem not to care about being one, why should anyone out to shop local bother with you?

Stranger in town

We're a tolerant bunch. Least we like to think ourselves of as so. So you being around will be accepted. But remaining a stranger is unlikely to be regarded as acceptable.

But why should you bother to try change things? Why should you make the effort? If people want to know you, shouldn't it be up to them to say "hello"?

Let's put it this way. You're in business right? That business is meant to provide you a livelihood? So how much do you want their business? Quite.

How you go about meeting people in your private life is one thing, in business the onus is on YOU to make the moves. Here's 10 ways to stop being an outsider and get customers backing you.

1. Point out you're a local business for the local community

As I pointed out in "How to Spell L-O-C-A-L" the public is actually very unclear who you are. They easily confuse local branches of chains, sometimes national ones, as being local independent retailers.

This may be amazing, even astonishing, but the message is clear. You can't just assume it's obvious people get who you are. You have to go out of your way to make it unmistakeable that's what you are. So spell it out.

Window signage that says "local independent retailer." "Serving Lincoln since 1995" on your business card. You have to make it utterly plain.

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