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Better Bricks-and-Mortar Retailing | How to Beat the Internet

Posted On - 17/05/2013 08:58:45

Better bricks-and-mortar retailing: the genuinely awesome power of product demonstrations on salesContinuing the series on Selling Your Value – how to differentiate your business by leveraging the very reasons customers choose you – I'm going to cover something utterly unique to bricks-and-mortar. Something the internet can't compete with and something you can use to beat it with. Something that'll stop competition from the Big Chains in its tracks and transform your sales.

What am I talking about? I'm talking about how showing off products and services makes people buy. I'm talking about how letting people try things out not only builds their trust and confidence in you, but in the products and services you're selling. And about how running demonstrations redefines peoples attitudes to you and really boosts sales.

Whether it's computers, plants, software or steaks other businesses have realised the awesome power these things have over customer choice. They're creating competitive advantage based on themselves, not what they're selling. And they're being far more successful as a result.

Are you selling what you should be?

Recent research found 40% shoppers cite ‘experience' as key in choosing to shop where they do. Be clear: your market isn't just everything in the radius of your catchment; it's especially that part of it that wants a specialist independent IT business rather than a big retailer or supplier. It's that part that wants the experience only you can give. Creating – and promoting - a distinctive experience is genuinely important. The question is how?

Do you get who your competition really is?

The same research found something else to get your head around. That shoppers perceptions of price are grounded by their preference for experience. In other words a significant proportion of your market will consider your prices in the context of other businesses like you, not big retailers or suppliers, or the internet.

So creating and promoting a distinctive experience isn't just about being more appealing in the right way, it's an approach that will help defend your pricing. It's about how by declaring yourself markedly different you can be price confident. It's also an approach that should help reduce price objections.

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