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How to Sell ‘Nice'

Posted On - 05/04/2013 13:12:15

how to handle difficult customers, dealing with difficult customers, how to deal with difficult customers, handling a difficult customer, how do you handle difficult customers, managing difficult customers, how to handle a difficult customer, handling difficult customers, dealing with a difficult customerIf you think this is a blog about something pointless, think again. As a specialist small business dealing in ‘computers' there's many reasons for people to avoid you.

Those scared of ‘tech' feeling disadvantaged dealing with those that love it.

Those later to computers worried about dealing with those that were early.

The ‘unsure-of-what-they-want' dealing with the ‘I-know-everything-about-what-you-need'.

Those safe with a ‘large chain' experience feeling uncertain about one that's ‘small-shop-specialist'.

And let's face it because many of you reading this will be - those simply intimidated by your space: a male dominated environment.

But aren't all these just 'difficult customers'? Isn't this just about being better at dealing with and handling them? You can frame it like that if you want - the issue remains the same. It's not up to them to change, it's up to you.

How approachable, friendly and ‘nice' you both are and are known to be matters. Being ‘nice' is a fundamental sales and selling skill you need. It's crucial to perceptions of good customer service and what good, even excellent customer service actually is. So learning how to be ‘nice' is more than just a sales technique, it's a customer service strategy.

Hello. I'm ‘nice', me

You've heard me talk before about things you can and can't say about yourself. And this is another one. Let's face it you're not going to say you're horrible are you? And as true as it may be for you, what would you think of someone who introduced or wrote about themselves like this? Unusual self-perception? Strange way of presenting themselves? Maybe a bit weird? What would they be like to spend time with? Alarm bells. And would they just have disproved the very thing they wanted to prove?

This ‘nice' stuff is important but you have to learn to sell it the right way. How? It's back to that phrase I've used before – ‘actions not adverts'. The question is what actions?

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