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How to Sell Yourself, Your Worth and Value

Posted On - 10/01/2013 12:40:43

You're not defined by how cheap you are, it's how good you are that mattersIn "Consumer Choice" we established you're not defined by how cheap you are, it's how good you are that matters. We explored what consumer choice is and how it works. And we ended with a promise that this week we'd explore a 'real life' example.

This "choice" stuff is as relevant to you as anyone. Any doubts you might have that this is just fancy theory or some text book model are wrong. It matters hugely. YOU need to understand it. And YOU need to learn how to sell yourself, your worth and your value. YOU have to self promote in the right ways. So YOU never sell yourself short.

Computers are like boilers

This isn't a joke. We're going to discuss a situation that's probably happened to us all. A boiler breakdown. Whether you've experienced this at home or work, most of us know what it's like to have no heating and only cold water coming out of the taps.

Now, fixing a boiler is a service that certainly involves electro-mechanical technical knowledge and possibly parts replacement. Sound familiar? How a good plumber goes about selling themself and their self promotion is an example that's completely relevant to how you can go about fixing computers. It's all "engineering." One happens to be perhaps more mechanical and yours is more electronic. Apart from that…

Are your customers, contacts and connections selling you?

So, the boiler's bust. Whether it's at work or at home, there's no hot water or heating. You check the boiler. The pilot's on but it won't fire. It's the last thing you need.

If you already know a good plumber, chances are you'll use them. No quotes to compare - you know their work, they're trustworthy, and you think they're "reasonable".

But what if you don't? Well, you'd ask people you know (and trust) if they know a good plumber. And based on a good recommendation, you'll probably choose that one. The same way as many other consumers made their choices.

Fixing a boiler is fixing a boiler, right?

But what if no-one you know can recommend a plumber? How do you choose who's going to fix your boiler then? After all, you need to get on and get it fixed.

Most likely you'd get on Google, find some names, call them for availability and price and pick the cheapest one that can come soonest. Simple. They're all strangers to you, you've no reason to believe that any one's better than another. It's all about price and availability. There's nothing else that'll affect your choice. Job done. But is it really that simple?

Don't sell yourself short

You find details for three and you call them.

The first answers your questions and confirms he's available today. He isn't particularly unfriendly, but doesn't have a great deal to say. He doesn't ask you much about the boiler other than its make and model. He quotes £80 to fix it.

The second call goes much the same way, except that he quotes you £40. Again, he's not overly warm, but he isn't particularly unfriendly either. There's nothing much to choose from between them.

The art of self promotion

The third call is different.

This plumber is more talkative and as soon as he understands your problem says "sorry to hear that, nothing worse especially on a day like today. I'm free and could come out. Befor that can I ask you a few questions and quote a price?"

He asks you what make and model it is. You tell him. "Ah, so you must have had it about 10 years" he says. You confirm you have indeed had it about that time. He goes on to ask various questions about the performance of your boiler, how long's the heating on for, at what temperature, hot water usage and so on.

"One of the problems with this particular model …" he says, and goes onto explain some typical issues. Many of them ring true: you've experienced them. "This is a popular boiler and I get to see quiet a lot of them" he says. "Funnily enough I was fixing one just near you the other day, and it turned out that the problem was …"

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