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Selling After Sales: The Value of Showing You Care

Posted On - 25/04/2013 15:38:56

Having a strong after sales offer is tremendously important. It's a way of selling value and quality over priceHaving a strong after sales offer is tremendously important. It's a way of selling quality over price. Of selling that hard to define concept of value over cost.

You could say its about selling without selling. But whichever it is, it's a great way of bringing in repeat sales and business. Because after sales says: ‘I care. I care what you've bought is right for you. I care now you've got it, it's everything you want it to be. I care you're completely satisfied with your experience of me. And I care you know and believe I care for you'.

It would be utterly ridiculous to say all that outright yet with after sales in place you can. And you have to because if you really want strangers to visit and spend money with you, you need to make them feel - at least subconsciously – that you really do care. Otherwise why should they take the risk? Problem is how can you say these things without sounding silly? This blog tells you how.

Help, but don't just be a hero

Here's a story I got told recently by an IT business I was with. It's an example of what ‘going-the-extra-mile' means. A customer rang them - in a real state. Their router has stopped working. It's one the broadband company supplied. The business hadn't sold it to them and had no obligation whatsoever to fix it. What did he do? He went to their house and spent an hour sorting it. And because he really cared he did it free. Really.

Let me ask you something: if you put yourself out for a customer without any ‘consequence' for them what do they expect the next time? More? Maybe not everyone you do this for would but most will. You see the more you ‘really-care' for more people the more it gets expected. Being a hero doesn't make you one, it creates you problems. Whenever you put yourself right out, there has to be consequences otherwise you'll just be taken advantage of in the long run. By all means go out of your way to help people, but make people pay. Don't just be a hero.

Be absolutely clear that it's OK to come back

People hate nasty surprises. How do you feel about someone saying to you ‘by the way, if you need me to pop round, it's no problem'. Great offer? Bit suspicious? Worried a bill might ‘appear' as a result? Because you have to think about this if you make the same offer to your customers.

However genuine and well intentioned you are, unless the customer has some reason to know this isn't the case, are you just making the offer as a way of getting more money out of them? ‘But I've done nothing that'd make them think of me like that' you say. It doesn't matter whether you have or haven't. If you're going to make a point of spelling out it's OK for people to come back, you will introduce the potential for doubt. For distrust.

Never force the customer to worry about you. So when you talk about being approachable show you care by being up-front about costs – and what's free. Far from putting people off it lets them know where they stand. What's more it shows you have integrity.

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