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Best Use of A-Board Award Winner 2013

Posted On - 01/05/2014 15:46:31

2013 Winner: Best Use of A Board (2014: Best External Signage/A-Board)

John Simmons, Senior Computers, Prestatyn.

About the Award

External signage is so important because it reinforces, enhances and extends a business' presenceFor 2014 this Award has been changed to ‘Best External Signage/A-Board'. We extended last year's scope to include all signage because local restrictions mean many of you find using ‘A' Boards difficult.

External signage is so important because it reinforces, enhances and extends a business' presence. Shops can significantly amplify and broaden their ‘street presence' over windows alone. For businesses signage offers an important promotional channel over their website (yes, this year's award is also open to B2B businesses too).

In both cases signs can be used to communicate about the business in places locally and remotely to their location. For more detail see ‘Best External Signage/A-Board'.

What signage was entered?

"We knew our A-Board must be OK because it was working" says John. "People were walking in and talking about what was on it" he continues, "so we thought we'd take a chance and enter - what was there to lose? We never imagined we'd win."

Which customers was the signage aimed at?

A design specifically and deliberately targeted at a business issue and opportunity"With so many things we could say about ourselves" John muses, "we realised things could very quickly become confusing. We simply had to choose." 

Like many businesses John finds selling refurbs great business – the only problem is getting hold of old ones at a good price. While it's easy to buy them online, it's safer and more profitable to buy directly from the public.

For John's business that's what he wanted to sell - that he buys second-hand laptops - and that's why it became to focus of the A-Board design.

What prompted the design?

"We don't have any designers in-house, so we looked for something striking we could easily create with Photoshop" says John.

Using the Lord Kitchener "Your Country Needs You" image was a clever step. While this image is extremely well-known – running the risk of over-familiarity and adaptionit's also one that absolutely captivates. The pointing finger compels readers find out what Lord Kitchener is going to say. And that means people search out and make the effort to read the text.

So readership - meaning how often it's read (the holy grail of marketing) - is extremely high. And that more than compensates for the small, low readability – harder to read from a distance, text used in the design.

Has winning the Award helped?

"It's completely exceeded our expectations" says John. "We took a bit of a chance a got such a shock" he continues "the Award is in a display cabinet and people talk about it. The press coverage bought in new business and people still mention it. Winning has been an amazing experience and really boosted my confidence. I've now many more promotional posters in the shop."

Will John enter this year's Awards?

"Yes we will. Most definitely" says John.

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