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Best Shop Window and Business Innovation Award Winner 2013

Posted On - 10/06/2014 10:01:19

2013 Double Award Winner: Best Shop Window and Business Innovation

Paul Bailey, Diamond Media, Cleethorpes: double National IT Reseller Awards winner 2013Paul Bailey, Diamond Media, Cleethorpes.

About the Awards

Since shop windows are such a tremendously important part of being a retailer, having the ‘Best Shop Window' Award in 2014 is a non-brainer. The Award for ‘Best Shop Window' exists to recognise those with great window displays.

This year ‘Business Innovation' and ‘Most Innovative/Original Service Offering' have been combined into ‘Best Business Idea'. Last year's categories needlessly split nominations so to simplify things we made them into one. ‘Best Business Idea' recognises those businesses that stay ahead through their ideas.

Why is it worth winning ‘Best Shop Window'?

You pay 're paying rent to have your shop windows, so not getting the most from them is throwing money awayYou're paying rent to have your shop windows, so not getting the most from them is throwing money away. It's just plain daft.

More importantly shop windows 'speak'. And if you're using them well, they'll be saying great things about your products and services.

Your windows are hugely visible: they ‘shout' about you and your products into the street. And that's the point: it's the shouting about YOU that really matters. You're a retailer.

Passers-by expect you to use your shop windows. Aside from them not really knowing what you sell if you can't be that bothered with your windows what does that say about you? If you can't attend to the basics of running your business are you any good at all?

So, spruce your windows up and enter the Award. At least to improve what they say about you. At best you get that and win an Award for the effort. And we've loads of help and advice already for you on shop windows – see:

Why is it worth winning ‘Best Business Idea'?

Innovation is the essence of businessFor all businesses – B2C and B2B – innovation is the essence of business. Nothing stands still - customers leave, new products and services are created - so new ideas are vital. All businesses must innovate to survive.

Of all ShopTalk's Awards ‘Best Business Idea' is by far the broadest. And because it is it's also one where all of you will have more opportunities to enter. All ideas count, it doesn't matter how big or small, how impressive or mediocre you think they are. What matters is the impact they've had on your business.

Think about it: what's likely to attract votes? Something everyone thinks is WoW but quite difficult, or something that's really easy to do – something everyone else could do if they'd thought of it – that's had surprising impact?

So consider all the things – big or small - you've been doing to improve your business (because in reality you've all been tinkering away at things) and enter. You could be the winner more easily than you think.

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