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Target Components Sponsors IT Apprenticeships with £720 account credit

Posted On - 27/01/2017 08:53:00

Target Components Sponsors IT Apprenticeships

Launched 1st February 2017 "ShopTalk Rewards" redefines how loyalty schemes work.

Because it's a programme that doesn't reward you for spending. But a programme that recognises your efforts to build a better business.

Opening with a landmark offer in support of IT apprenticeships, ShopTalk Rewards is all about helping you grow your business.

If you'd like to learn about how you can partner with us not just to be more successful but get significant credit for doing so, read on…

ShopTalk Rewards: the first reward scheme that isn't broken

Rewards or loyalty schemes are flawed - fatally we'd say. They're set out to be a good thing. A benefit you'll earn from spending. Points or something you can use later. But there's a huge problem with them. A massive, yawning black hole just quietly sitting there.

Why? Well, is it just me or isn't a reward a prize? A gift, something special to say "thank you for buying, valued customer"? It is, right! So how does it make sense to reward you for spending? How does that work? It doesn't – it can't. Because the reward isn't a gift - you've bought it! As for the prospect of bigger rewards for bigger spends, well of course that works. You're paying.

Turns out reward and loyalty schemes have absolutely nothing to do with thanking you with a present. They're nothing more than a cynical ploy to make you spend more. They're broken. Valued customer? Cash-cow more like.

ShopTalk Rewards: a rewards scheme, but not as you know it

It doesn't have to be like this. Reward schemes can have integrity. They can thank you in ways that show respect. In ways that don't beguile and bribe you to spend and spend. What's more they can actually mean something to you. How? The difference comes from thinking carefully about what's rewarded and how it's done.

We've done that thinking. We've looked at things differently. And we've come up with a rewards scheme we'll claim unique. Because you don't have to buy computer parts, screens, inks or cables from us to earn. Yet the rewards it pays are given as cash on your account. That's right: our rewards scheme doesn't force you to spend to earn rewards. It's utterly different. So how does it work?

As a trade only distributor your spend and that of all of our customers matters hugely. But what matters most is the success of your business. Because one follows the other, right? It's this simple principle that defines our brand. It's this simple principle that frees us and means we think and do things differently from everyone else. And it's this simple principle that's right behind our reward scheme. A scheme we'll be launching 1st February 2017. A scheme that's called "ShopTalk Rewards".

ShopTalk Rewards: an exclusive partnership with Baltic Training Services

ShopTalk Rewards is a reward and loyalty scheme. It rewards you for building a better business. Now that could be done in all sorts of ways. But our experience tells us the best way to do this is by investing in people. So we're starting ShopTalk Rewards with that. And our partnership with Baltic we hope will be the first of many - other offers are already on-the-blocks.

This first offer works by rewarding you for successfully completing an IT apprenticeship - whether that's a new hire or existing member of staff. To do this we've partnered with a business we know and trust. An apprenticeships provider we use for our own IT people. Baltic came along to our 2016 Open Day and many of you'll already know them. If you don't know Baltic they're a good business and professionals at what they do.

We've no hesitation recommending Baltic Training as an apprenticeships provider. We're hugely proud to announce the partnership. We think it's a great thing. Something quite remarkable. And something way beyond what other disties or apprenticeships providers could even imagine.

ShopTalk Rewards: £720 inc.VAT account credit for every successful IT apprenticeship you achieve

Taking part in ShopTalk Rewards is easy – you just need a trade account (open one here). And on this let's get one thing straight. Doesn't matter how much you've spent. Doesn't matter if you just open an account because you want to benefit. All you need is an account, got that? Spend doesn't count – period.

Aside from this you'll need to prove you can properly mentor the apprentice, guarantee them time off for training, pay them the minimum wage and pass a health and safety assessment. Hoops maybe. But over the years apprentices and apprenticeships got a bad rap. Due diligence matters. You will be tested. But, none of this is onerous, unreasonable or unusual. If you're doing everything for the right reasons and running your business properly it's all stuff you'll be doing now.

ShopTalk Rewards: genuinely new money, not old pretending

To make sure this is crystal clear we're going to labour the point. For a variety of reasons apprenticeships are seen as the way forward. Traditional education is falling behind – it's too slow and academic. Colleges and universities are producing unemployable graduates. And there's a worrying gap in Tech and Digital skills at all levels. Add all this up and there's money out there to fund relevant apprenticeships.

Now, typically once you've made the commitment and taken one on you'll get that support from two sources. First, your local authority will give you a grant towards your costs. Second, government will fully fund the costs of apprenticeships training for 16-18 year olds. And that's where things usually stop. That's where all the opportunities for financial support end. But not if you're a Target account holder. We're a third source of money. And it's not a few pence either. £720 inc.VAT isn't to be sniffed at. How good is that?

ShopTalk Rewards: the scheme that pays you rewards you haven't had to buy 

Hype. This is the way things usually are isn't it? Overblown bragging and boasting about something new that's not up to much. Not here.

For over fifteen years Target's strived to be more than just a supplier. Over the years we've innovated time and again. Today, we run the best IT Trade Show in the UK. There's our unique Retail Price Comparison Survey. Our Reseller Awards. Workshops on marketing, pricing and customer service. Our Blog (this is one and there's over 300 more). Face to face business advice. And now "ShopTalk Rewards" – a rewards scheme the likes of which has never been seen before. A loyalty scheme that's not about getting you to buy more, it's about rewarding you for building a better business.

ShopTalk Rewards: the only one way to take part

Like what you hear? Interested to find out more? Whatever, whether you've an account with us or not you can only access ShopTalk Rewards by calling us first. You must be or become an account holder and then make contact with us to secure the rewards. For the IT apprenticeships offer, if you call Baltic direct and you won't – repeat will not – benefit from our partnership.

The contact at Target Components is John Coulter. He runs ShopTalk, our Customer Business Development Services. He's come up with ShopTalk Rewards and is leading the roll-out personally. Catch him on 01977 282 359 | 07854 195 718 | He'd love to hear from you.

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